Where are the strong Liberal women? Another angry SA Liberal writes: There are talented women in the Liberal party but they can’t fight their way through the factional sh-t that exists in the party.

The conservatives have a large pool of male Young Liberals that are spear carriers for the likes of Nick Minchin and Cory Bernardi. They will be rewarded when the opportunities are available. The nasty games they must involve themselves in are not for the faint hearted or women who believe they are a bridge too far.

The moderates similarly are faithful slaves to Christopher Pyne and Simon Birmingham. The born to rule mentality is alive and well in the party. Couple that with a large pool of Young Libs, and all the rellies who line up at the trough, throw in a few who promise to financially support the party, a State Leader who believes that party people who have served for many years are just hacks, and what hope would any females have.

The “Marty” experiment to take high profile, local non-party people will soon have its test at the next state election. Yet when there was the opportunity to replace dead weight at the last Legislative pre-selection, suddenly Marty trots out the “we must support sitting MP’s” line.

The next Senate pre-selection will have the president Sean Edwards as a candidate, he who has done as little as possible, but talk himself up and blame others when something goes wrong. His strategy of sitting on the fence will probably serve him well when he is looking for votes from both sides, but he might be surprised that he doesn’t have quite the level of support he thinks he has. Fawcett has done two parts of stuff all since he lost the seat of Wakefield, but if they are the factional choices then it is not worth the time, money or effort for anyone else to stand.

If there is any justice, then Mary-Jo Fischer should be rewarded for all her hard work and be pre-selected for the next term. The tickets will be faithfully followed by most members. The SA Liberal die is cast until the next State Election. If Libs win, then Marty will be hailed a hero and that will set a new course for the party. If not, then we call the experiment a failure, as was the flirtation with Family First.

The Libs then await the next leader and his particular strategy that will become the way of life for the next fours years. and on and on it goes.

The problems with data backups at CenITex are a poorly-kept secret. The Victorian Fire Information and Services Group knew all about it when they decided to take care of their own backups in-house because they’d had trouble retrieving data out out of CenITex.

Master Chef or Disaster Chef? FremantleMedia Australia are cooking the books by using foreign labour to produce their Australian version of the well known British cooking show. Insiders say, FremantleMedia Australia have flown in editors from the UK, Canada and the US to get them over the line for the Network Ten TX schedule … meanwhile other home grown Australian editors hope to be working again soon. Will all local TV production be outsourced to India next?

Re. yesterday’s news item that WestPac ignores “do not call” notices around telemarketing: what a surprise, ANZ does too. I keep a landline, unlisted, number never given to anyone; last month got a call about buying insurance. “Well sir you must have given your number out…” Stuff and nonsense; second time it’s happened in three years; always with ANZ partners who are flogging something.