Mar 17, 2009

NSW nurses to pick up legal tab

The NSW Nurses Association is expected to be asked to pick up the tab for the failed defamation proceedings launched by the union’s general secretary Brett Holmes, writes Alex Mitchell.

The NSW Nurses Association is expected to be asked to pick up the tab for the failed defamation proceedings launched by the union's right-wing general secretary Brett Holmes against Andrew Fraser, MP for Coffs Harbour.

The libel action arose out of a letter Fraser sent to 629 constituents criticising the nurses' leader during the March 2007 state election.

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4 thoughts on “NSW nurses to pick up legal tab

  1. John Hamer

    A simple test to determine who should pay the legal costs for the failed defamation case is this. If Brett Holmes had received the original damages award of $70,000 would he have paid them over to his union. If he had, then it would be fair enough for the union to pay the legal costs, otherwise Holmes should pick up the tab.

  2. ECS

    What! Brett Holmes has no aspirations to enter Parliament? I thought Union General Secretaries looked to that as being the next stepping stone in their career. But then again one could say that he has officially denied any interest in that field, so he must be going to enter the Federal arena. Afterall one must remember, ” never believe the rhetoric unless it has been officially denied”.

  3. steve martin

    It may well be true that Holmes left the meeting in order to avoid a conflict of interest when the donation to the Women’s Football Club was discussed – But why was it on the agenda in the first place? This is not CUB sponsoring sport as a quid pro quo for the boozers buying their product. What on earth is the Nurse’s Association’s interest in sponsoring football?
    Holmes should pay his own costs, or at the very least ballot his association regarding payment of costs.

  4. Edward James

    The Nurses need to start thinking about what they pay their membership fees for. Fancy taking a political arguement into a law court ! I agree with John was the win paid over into the Union funds ? The answer lies in the answer to that question.

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