Three more polling questions were published from the latest Galaxy this morning in the Courier Mail, with more likely to come tomorrow since the win expectations breakdown hasn’t been published yet, even though they got a passing mention from John Briggs in the Sunday Mail.

In what can only be described as a profound result, swinging voters will decide the election!

What a weird political situation we find ourselves in. A clear majority of LNP voters are giving the conservatives the tick because of a powerful lack of alternatives, yet on nearly every metric that looks at the personal qualities of the leader, Anna Bligh is in front — often by very large margins. From the Galaxy polling so far throughout the campaign, she’s considered to be the better Premier: more honest, less arrogant, more likely to keep her promises, a better listener, a stronger leader, more trustworthy, more in touch with voters and is considered to have campaigned the best.

Labor is also considered to be better at both creating and retaining jobs, is running a State still considered by a majority to be heading in the right direction, leads on the issues of Education, Water, Law and Order, Roads and Public Transport and is even with the LNP on the preferred manager of the Qld economy.

Yet Labor still trails on the primary and TPP vote estimates, has a larger soft vote and an enormous and strong level of anti-Labor sentiment running against it — all while the LNP can only claim health and managing the budget as the two issues it leads on.