We all have a story to tell, say the Liberal National Party. Indeed we do. Political parties should be a little careful with how they present their stories.

An alert reader has drawn our attention to a discrepancy in one of the “stories” presented to Queenslanders by LNP advertisements. The first gentleman at the start of the second “Queenslanders Stories” ad is Damian Brennan, from Maroochydore.

His Facebook page is here, if he hasn’t made it private by the time you read this. It’s definitely him because no two people could sport the same enormous watch.

In the ad Mr Brennan, sporting a sling, tells Queenslanders he didn’t go to hospital for his “broken arm” because he had phoned the hospital and was told there would be a 3-hour wait. Well, sitting around for three hours waiting to be treated was not for Mr Brennan. “Whacked the icepack on it and patched it up myself,” he says, while his friend looks on, incredulous and perhaps wondering whether Mr Brennan should consider a career in orthopaedic surgery.

Except, he reported on his Facebook Wall on 16 November that he was “happy — xray say no break — torn ligament in AC”. One of his Facebook friends opines, in the immortal parlance of Generation NexZt, “the lady at the counter almost dint give you the X-ray because it was going to close in 1 hr …and the X-ray takes one hr to do.”

Crikey’s source also advises that one of the other young men identified in the first LNP ad was assisting with ad production on the day and was roped in to appear on camera because the students being interviewed weren’t giving the right responses — the ad was filmed at an unidentified campus under the pretence it was a student film. The young man is said to be concerned about appearing in political ads and the effect it might have on future employment prospects.

We all have a story to tell. Well, so long as they’re true.