Mar 11, 2009

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6 thoughts on “I dreamt I was a shark…

  1. Perry Gretton

    I have shark dreams after getting my bank statements…

  2. Venise Alstergren

    Sharks are so misunderstood. They are slaughtered in their millions for the shark’s fin soup trade and die a horrible death.
    Thousands of trees-together with their ecosystems-are razed to the ground. Minced into chips, and flogged off to the Japanese, who process these priceless trees by turning them into lavatory paper and newspaper. Sometimes chopsticks. (God, even the Chinese use plastic chopsticks). Which we then import back to ourselves so the deathless prose of the Andrew Bolts of this world and the hyped-up, beaten-up trash spewed forth by the fourth estate about surf-borders getting attacked by sharks can be printed for the benefit of slack-jawed hoons who watch commercial TV.
    So there!

  3. Dave Liberts

    Bob, I think shark dreams are meant to be about change. An ex-girlfriend who was a textbook chocoholic never ate chocolate again after she had a shark dream where a shark freed her from her addiction.

  4. jboy

    keep moving
    keep consuming
    or drown
    (a modern parable)

  5. Dave Liberts

    This so happens to me ALL the time. I have a dream where, say, I’m having a conversation with a mate and I find myself dreaming ‘Hey, that’s exactly what my mate would say so how good is this dream?” Last night I had a sort-of-nightmare although it was pretty relaxed but I wound up dying just before I woke up but I clearly remember dreaming “so that’s what death is like – now I’ll know for real-life” (actually it was pretty relaxed – my advice is to chill out about it). I also get the naked and unprepared for exams dreams, but I’ve never had the shark dreams my friends tell me about.

  6. Bob

    Studies show that we pretty much dream what we see on tv and movies or what other people tell us they dream about. Older people have vague disturbing dreams in B&W, young people have a lot of hypercoloured action dreams. Avid watchers of “Shark Week” on Discovery Channel dream about sharks. Middle aged men like me with access to the internet dream a lot about sex, for some reason.

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