Mar 9, 2009

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9 thoughts on “Good Day!

  1. firstdog

    Bugger. Look, I am an artiste and cannot be expected to subscribe to your notions of so-called accuracy and representing the TRUTH! Heavens no. The ewok is Kim Carr alright? He looks EXACTLY like an ewok. However there will be no prizes as you are all far too impertinent. I have called your parents to come and collect you as we are finishing early.

  2. JamesK'

    Who needs spam? Wouldn’t Rudd and Swan be directing new found wealth to Labor or a Future (Heiner-like anti-rort) Legal Defense Fund?

  3. firstdog

    You haven’t been paying attention! Don’t you read “Christmas in Queanbeyan” at least once a week? It’s all there. That can’t be Albo because Albo is a Sontaran (page 2) so it is obviously The Minister for Infrastructure and Industry (page 15). And for future reference Jenny Macklin is Mrs Puff, although she does not appear in this cartoon (see page 1 – she is by the Christmas Tree talking to Therese who is a greater stick nest rat – but you knew that of course).

  4. paddy

    Deeply moving FD.
    But I’m dying to know who’s that telling Wayne to shut up?

  5. Charlotte

    What an insult to everyone that actually has only six months to live. Very poor attempt at humour.

  6. bernardk

    if our masters are hoping that a 419 will save us (and 12m aint a lot, or didn’t I count the zeroes proper), then what is eastern europe gunna do? Wait for someone to offer to buy their (nuclear) power stations and highly enriched waste?

  7. jenny

    this kind of creeps me out.
    and like Paddy, who’s telling Princess Wayne to shut up? A short Joe Hockey changed sides? Oh, I know, it’s Anthony Albanese!

  8. Ev

    Sorry FD, I’m still confused.
    Aldo is: Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government

    So Industry? Not Martin Ferguson, who is head of DRET, which I think used to be Industry, Innovation and Resources.

    Must be Kim Carr! He does look a bit like an ewok:

  9. oie

    I knew it! – fame and fortune’s gone to his head

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