Huge stuff-up within the Australian Taxation Office and it’s going to make Rudd’s cash splash look worse. With the bonus that’s coming out, thousands of people have been updating their details. But it’s just come to light that due to a training mistake, all new bank accounts given up to this point have been processed incorrectly. This means for thousands of people their money will be going all over the place or not at all while they sit and wait patiently checking their account every day.

The mistake has been “corrected” with a staff email that is so laden with jargon only a few in the office understand it, hence nearly all new bank accounts entered are not going into the system properly still. Hope you guys understand the significance of this; thousands will be affected, cheques flying about left, right and centre to incorrect destinations.

Bank of Queensland cutting 150 jobs — 10% of workforce. What a joke as the excessively remunerated CEO David Liddy is a member of Queensland Premier’s Anna Bligh’s Job squad.

Rumour is that Paul Armstrong, former editor of the West Australian, is going to work as Treasurer Troy Buswell’s new media adviser…

A Federal Minister’s office is in turmoil with staff allegations of “psychopathic” behaviour by a colleague and a decision to spill and advertise a number of positions. At least two incumbent and experienced staff are refusing to re-apply for their jobs due to the alleged behaviour of another staff member.

Murdoch University is currently undergoing a large structural upheaval and as well as this, the management and unions are engaged in the current round of enterprise bargaining for the staff. There are three unions on campus: the NTEU which represents academic staff and a small number of general staff; CPSU which has the bulk of the general staff members and LHMU which represents the blue collar workers — mostly maintenance and security staff.

Guess which union has decided to absent itself from the negotiations, citing “resource issues”? The CPSU. The union can’t be bothered to send one industrial officer for a two-hour fortnightly meeting. Needless to say general staff have decided that if ‘their’ union can’t represent them in something as fundamental as enterprise bargaining negotiations, they’re probably not going to be there for the hard yards later this year when jobs start to go (as they will). So members are leaving the union rapidly. It’s not a good look for unions in the current climate.

The current issue of New Idea (or is it Woman’s Day — I can’t tell the difference) has stories from various “everyday” mums with their parenting tips. Enter one Melissa Babbage, who apparently just loves routine. why didn’t they mention she is married to shadow finance minister Joe Hockey? An everyday mum indeed.

Former Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon has bought property in NZ and is planning to escape the wrath of his fellow Tasmanians. Could there be a TransTasman division of Gunns is in the pipeline?

The Age reports that there was a potentially fatal overshoot of a platform at Ormond Station. In fact there were four overshoots yesterday. All of the trains were Siemens-designed. It looks like a reprise — or continuation — of the braking problems that saw these trains withdrawn from service three years ago.

It is common knowledge amongst rail staff that these trains were designed as underground units and are really not fit for the purpose of servicing an above ground weather-exposed network like the one managed by Connex. What will it take for the government to sideline these highly suspect trains? A busload of schoolkids skewered at a level crossing?

Given that these trains were inherited by Connex from the other original franchisee — National Express — it has to be acknowledged that they did not create the problem. The former Kennett and Bracks regimes take the heat for that. But Connex has ducked and weaved around what has been their problem for nearly five years.

The software package which runs the safety system on the Siemens trains was and is defective. The design of the mechanics of the braking system is technically inferior in a number of crucial areas, to the older Comeng trains delivered in the late 1980s. In a skid situation, the Siemens train response is designed to protect the onboard equipment rather than stop the train. The older equipment was designed to stop the train, protecting onboard equipment as far as it was possible. You see the difference? In the end it’s not Siemens that’s to blame, either. They shipped what the franchisees ordered. The cheapest model.

Yesterday’s “announcement” of the South Australian election date by Mike Rann on Twitter was dutifully reported as news by The Australian. It looked like another advance in the all-conquering march of social media. Only problem is, SA has fixed terms so Rann was revealing nothing. Under s.28 of the Constitution Act, elections “must be held on the third Saturday in March in the fourth calendar year after the calendar year in which the last general election was held.” Twitter ye not.