Mar 6, 2009

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12 thoughts on “Peter Costello – The world’s smuggest man.

  1. Michael

    It’s not you, it’s him… and, also, those space station epsiodes WERE terrifying.

  2. mike smith

    What do Essendon supporters have to be smug about?

  3. Joel B1

    Sorry, this is just lame.

    Try if you want some seriously wrong cartoons…

    Still, you get the “Try-hard Trophy for the Under-8’s”

  4. Venise Alstergren

    Toxosmugdiosis: Now there’s a new one. PC certainly has a toxic mug. But the bit that gets me is how does he manage to be smug, aloof, superior and infinitely bitter, all at the same time? You don’t get a mouth like his 🙁 without years of practice. Someone today suggested PC was hurt when the Libs rejected him in favour Of John Howard. Maybe he was, but he’s all grown up now. Poor bastard.

  5. Philip B

    I remember that episode of Doctor Who. There was a cyber rat as well (or was that a different one?) It scared me so much I couldn’t watch it for another five years. I always found the cybermen much more frightening than the daleks.

  6. MikeR

    Costello barracks for Essendon, they all look like that!

  7. bernardk

    I think that there could be a National Health and Medical Research Council grant in that topic.

    Problem with the ethics committee cutting him up while he’s live to study though. A lab accident could end up be unleashing toxic-smugness onto the world on a hitherto unimagined scale. And if JB gets to his brain. Eeek…

  8. VickiLG

    OMG I laughed so much i nearly p-d myself!!!!!!! How apt is that? how right can you be? and God help us if the toxosmugidiosis virus is unleashed as those not infected will die of sheer horrendous squirmingness.
    As for Joel B1 and his comments – now there must be a cartoon in that? sweet Jesus.

  9. Kelly

    You leftoids are just terrified of Peter Costello – keep packing it !

  10. Venise Alstergren

    Dear FD. I’ve been trying to follow you on Twitter. Someone called 1stdogonthemoon answers. You drew the avatar. But the writing doesn’t sound like you. Please may I have your official Twitter site?

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