As all eyes turn to the utter North, a fiery upholder of the rights of the ignorant once more settles upon her steed and inflicts on the people of Beaudesert what you would expect is largely unwanted attention, particularly from the visual medium, which already considers Pauline more important than that other, toxically boring Queenslander.

The Minister for Defence has also decided to don the armour and take on the generals and majors who (only technically of course) work for him, with the media strangely undecided as to whose fault it actually may be — indicating that at least one Minister may be willing to sing the lyrics to Power and the Passion, just not the one who wrote it.

While Steve Fielding grabs himself a rum and passionfruit from the bar fridge to celebrate another big week of publicity, Christopher Pyne, a constant booster of the Howard legacy, must be so happy that the Deputy PM and leader of the Left is actively working against those pre-Howard ideas of political correctness and having to pretend it’s alright to be different.

It’s not just the telly that still pines after the rouge-topped wonder from Queensland’s midlands — with perhaps the only important question; does all this attention for Pauline help the incumbent?

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Less than three short weeks from almost certainly becoming Australia’s legislator least affected by unnecessary synapse activity (in a highly competitive field), it has all come crashing down for one of our highest flyers, owing to very poor support play.