The Winners: Underbelly was steady on 2.233 million. Seven News was second with 1.613 million, Today Tonight was third with 1.383 million and Customers at 8pm on Nine averaged 1.373 million. Nine News was fifth with 1.201 million and Home and Away averaged 1.178 million at 7pm for Seven, just in front of the fresh episode at 7.30pm for Two and a Half Men on Nine with 1.151 million. The 7pm ABC news averaged 1.121 million in eighth spot. Seven’s Desperate Housewives averaged 1.088 million at 8.30pm. Crime Investigation Australia (off Foxtel) averaged 1.088 million from 9.30pm on Nine. The 7pm repeat of Two and a Half Men on Nine averaged 1.057 million. A Current Affair averaged 1.054 million in 12th spot and the elimination episode of The Biggest Loser on Ten from 7pm to 7.30pm averaged 1.048 million. Surprisingly the results episode of the Dance program on Ten averaged 993,000, well under the performance episode from Sunday night. Brothers and Sisters on Seven at 9.30pm, 991,000.

The Losers: ABC’s The Cut at 9.35 pm; 479,000 a good idea strangled, put in a hessian bag with a few bricks and tossed into the TV audience expecting the viewers to save it. Ten’s Monday night. Good News Week, 755,000 on Ten at 8.30pm. It really needs Rove to host and lift it. A Current Affair didn’t air in Adelaide last night. Nine Adelaide, owned by Win, showed something called SA Policefile: The Family Murders Cold Case. It averaged 149,000, far more than ACA would have attracted. Is ACA‘s days numbered?

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally and in every market. Today Tonight won everywhere but Melbourne where ACA got home. In Sydney Nine News finished fourth behind Seven, the ABC and Ten News. Nationally, Ten News averaged 979,000. The Late News/Sports Tonight averaged 251,000. The 7.30 Report averaged 953,000 and it had more viewers in Sydney, 298,000, than ACA had in the same market, 266,000. Four Corners was a buy in and averaged 632,000, Media Watch averaged 566,000, Lateline, 276,000, Lateline Business, 145,000. SBS News at 6.30pm, 205,000, 172,000 for the 9.30pm edition. 7am Sunrise on Seven, 349,000, 7am Today on Nine, 291,000.

The Stats: Nine won with a share of 32.5% (35.9% a week ago) for 6pm to midnight, All People (and also in the 6pm to 10.30 period). Seven was next with 26.2% (23.2%), Ten was on 18.8% (17.6%), the ABC was on 15.3% (14.5%0 and SBS on 7.2% (8.9%). Nine won all five metro markets and leads the week 29.5% to 27.5% for Seven. In regional areas, a win to WIN/NBN with 33.8%, Prime/7Qld with 22.9%, Southern Cross (Ten) on 16.8%, the ABC on 16.2% and SBS with 10.2%. UnderBelly didn’t do enough to give Nine a win in regional Queensland for yet another week.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Top Gear at 7.30pm last night was in the guides as a new program and current. And yet in a segment there they were talking (James May at least) about 2003 and a 2002 Top Gear survey. Even if it’s a new episode for Australian audiences, that’s still six years or so ago! It was disgraceful. It averaged 885,000. What’s going on SBS?

The puzzle for Ten meanwhile is why Sunday night episodes for the Dance program can average 1.3 million and on Mondays a third of the audience just desert the program. The Biggest Loser proved more resilient this week with not much difference between the audience figures for the two nights. Ten’s Monday audience goes backwards, compared to Sundays, tonight Ten will be ahead of Nine in second, if the last couple of weeks are any guide.

Underbelly‘s audience didn’t move much last night; in fact the ep was one of the better ones. But Nine’s share shrunk noticeably for the night and Seven will move back in front tonight and stay there. No Oscars on Nine and it came back to the field. Underbelly doesn’t have long to go. Unless Nine can whip a ratings rabbit or three out of the hat, it is going to be a long and lonely winter.

Tonight, Seven; Animal Rescue, Find My Family, Packed To The Rafters, All Saints (AKA Police Rescue, or is it the other way round?). Nine has Two and a half Men and Wipeout (AKA It’s A Knockout). Aussie Ladette to Lady will flop at 9.30pm, as it should. Not because of the people involved, but the crassness of the idea. Ten has NCIS doubled with a repeat at 9.30pm. The Biggest Loser, Bondi Rescue. Ten has blinked and rested Lie To Me from 9.30pm which had started the year strongly, but faded. The ABC and SBS are fairly bare except for Insight on SBS at 7.30pm. Let’s hope it’s a current program and not six years old!

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports.