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Mar 2, 2009

I understand you people are still sooking about executive salaries…



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5 thoughts on “I understand you people are still sooking about executive salaries…

  1. paddy

    Now listen here, you misbegotten, dick-licking, overpaid, canine cartoonist.
    I’ll buy your overpriced, poorly signed, hard hitting cartoons for the sake of a million
    half-fried native animals.
    I’ll even wear one of those “nancy-dog” ribbons that’ll make me look like a poodle.

    But let’s get one thing straight sunshine…….I’m *NOT* going to lick your balls!!

    I suggest you dip them in hot chilli sauce and lick them yourself.
    You can enjoy a nice warm Mexican farewell for Sol and the amigos.
    Trust me…you’ll have a ball. 🙂

  2. firstdog

    Quality comment work today lads. I’ll let you off this time paddy, nice latin stevo, but comment of the day goes to jboy. Isn’t this fun!

  3. jboy

    why do dogs lick their balls
    because they can’t make a fist

  4. bob

    I’m no expert on cartoon dog testicles but those ‘nads look a bit on the small side. In fact more like a large vag.

  5. stevo the working twistie

    Awsome goodness, Mr Dog. Corporate Australia now has a new motto: “Quare mos canis oris suus testis?”

    I’m sure some retentive Gerard Henderson-type will spot the flaws in my translation, but what the heck – I’ll just have to settle for 90% of my performance-based bonus.