This morning, @crikey_news asked our Twitter pals to caption this line-up of funsters from a photo run on the new Malcolm Turnbull blog:

Our favourite response came from Melbourne’s Owen Hodda, who suggested:

Bad Photoshopping is an issue affecting all Australians

Owen wins something pretty from the House of Crikey range of products.

Other suggestions we liked included:

@maxcelcat: “How many libs does it take to change a lightglobe?”

@andrewbolt: “I told you, the ABC’s gone wide-screen to accommodate Joe Hockey”

@jdub: “Not this again, Brendan” … “Looking good!” … “I TOLD YOU TO PUT THE PANTS BACK ON!” … “!” … “Can’t look, can’t lo–”

@redcurrypaste: Prosthetic hand options: Action, or expression?

@LacqueredStudio:  “Malcolm NEVER shares the Playstation.”

@Extremo: “The one with the blue sprinkles… No no, the big one…”

@deckchairguru “Alright let’s try that pose again people, Julie forgot to use her ‘important hand gesture’ ”

Plus an alarming number of p-nis jokes.

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