Feb 25, 2009

Christopher Pyne

Is he gay or just a niminy-piminy flibbertigibbet?

First Dog On The Moon

Crikey cartoonist

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9 thoughts on “Christopher Pyne

  1. Jackie French

    Will no one defend poodles?

  2. Michael

    I’m not gay – although I’m developing a crush on First Dog.

  3. Matt C

    I’m guessing Crikey got a call from Pyne’s lawyers today!

  4. Dan C

    Some of my best gays are mates.

  5. Cathy

    Oh! FD I totally empathise although I’m currently in hysterics! Christopher Pyne’s had me confused for years. Yeah I know Mr Green really impacts like a Knox teacher at times although I think he’s quite harmless!!

  6. roger.gestetner

    well b*gger me: i always thought it was miminy-piminy.

  7. firstdog

    Brian, I am sure you are a decent fellow, don’t you think I quiet email might have spared me the embarrassment? I spelt Spider-Man wrong and I am rightly ashamed. The rest of these decent well-meaning folk don’t care how I spell Spider-Man! Most of them don’t even know who Norman Osborn is! I can’t work under these conditions, I am an artist! Mr Green you are a brute! They only care about poodles and John Inman.

  8. David Beckham

    Lots of straight guys have poofy woofs.

  9. Brian

    I know cartoonists have dramatic licence but everyone knows it is Spider-Man not Spiderman. Gadzooks!

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