At a doorstop this morning:

Reporter: Mr Rudd, are you a toxic bore?

Prime Minister: Can I say that anyone, anyone ah, you wrote about this today Matthew, leave that where it is, the um, ah, if you are dealing with the totality of the global economic crisis, unless we have a restoration of private credit markets and private credit flows across the global economy and normal flows within Australia, then we’re never dealing with the full dimensions of the problem. That was what I was saying in the parliament yesterday. That is the reality which every government in the world is wrestling with …

Reporter: Does that mean yes?

Prime Minister: That is the reality that every government in the world is wrestling with. Secondly, stimulus along the lines of nation building plans of what we described before are part of providing near to medium term support while the credit markets are being restored. I think it’s important to be up front with the Australian public about the dimensions of the problems which are occurring from the global banking system, what’s causing that, where the solutions may lie. Secondly, what we in Australia are doing in the near to medium term to support growth and jobs on the way through. That’s the right course of action and I’ll be sticking to it.