Feb 20, 2009

Introducing Crikey’s latest blogger: Michael Gawenda (and Rocky)

I have had dogs all my life and the dogs of my life are sort of markers to the stages of any life, from childhood to old age. Rocky, well Rocky, with some luck, will grow old with me, writes Michael Gawenda.

Well-known journalist and author Michael Gawenda has started a Crikey blog with his dog Rocky. It will cover news and events and media criticism, sport and the meaning of life, all seen through the prism of their dog-man relationship. Well, up to a point. Head to Rocky & Gawenda to find out more. In his debut post, Gawenda writes:

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6 thoughts on “Introducing Crikey’s latest blogger: Michael Gawenda (and Rocky)

  1. John Ryan

    My Gawd another Victorian,cant you find anyone outside Victoria who is literate and can write,I am looking forward to the next football season when all we will get is another load of biased AFL rubbish.
    How wonderful I can hardly wait not

  2. Greg

    Not Crikey material? Why not? What IS Crikey material? If it is well written – which in my opinion Michael’s piece is – then surely it has a place in Crikey. I don’t read everything in Crikey every day, but I know I will be reading anything that appears again from Michael and Rocky. Perhaps I am a little biased as I have recently started a similar relationship with my first dog in many years and can empathise with all the sentiments expressed.

  3. Lou

    I really hope this dribble improves. Not really crikey material. Purely personal and not interesting at all.

  4. Michelle Hollywood

    Thanks Michael and Rocky. Nice read. Lovely ritual. I wish I had a dog.

  5. graeme perkins

    Oh God, Gawenda the most boring, uninsightful pedestrian writer in the history of the Age – and now he’s writing for Crikey. About his dog. oh happy day. Surely you can do better than this?

  6. nick

    awww, cmon dean- maybe he does! michael said “he whelps in dreams”, so maybe that’s why he yelps when he sleeps… sweet jesus, i know i’d do more than yelp if i whelped… ew…

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