This morning, Crikey challenged our Twitter pals to caption this snap of BFFs Mal and John shooting the breeze yesterday:

Our favourite came from Brisbane’s @ samclifford, who suggested:

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“The plan to cause a massive swing against us in Higgins is going exceedingly well, don’t you agree?”

Sam wins the prize of instanst s-x appeal, with his very own First Dog on the Moon tshirt.

Other entries:

@danilic: Turnbull (86kg) and Howard (80kg) at the pre-match conference in Las Vegas

@len_gregory: the Brendan and Peter jokes still get a laugh

@mingus_drake: malcolm turnbull introduces his new shadow treasurer

@uncyherb: schadenfreude: the joy of not being in power when the whole world goes to hell in a handbasket

@deckchairguru: “Mal, Peter’s like an angry energizer bunny with one short leg: keeps threatening and threatening but never goes anywhere”

@willozap: “Is this what it’s come to?” Malcolm Turnbull is forced to listen to John Howard last night.

@debraladiva: You want to borrow how much???????

@vaempyr: “I’m so glad Monica Lewinsky holidayed Down Under this year!”. “Hear hear!”

@scotartt: JWH ‘its great to be back’, MT ‘please god kill me now’

@shaunc: Howard remembers the good old days of continually screwing over Costello and wonders if it had any lasting effects on Peter

@ timdunlop: MT: Great to be here to celebrate your legacy JH: Isn’t that a Union Jack in the corner of the flag?

@benhider: Malcolm should have a thought bubble: “Just smile and nod, just smile and nod …”

@ wolfcat: I told you red is for commies only true liberals wear blue

@ RebeccaLange: Give me a break…not him too..

@ martinlau: hang on… wait! wait!! you’re telling me peter STILL thinks he’s gonna get to be the leader one day?!?

@ leoh1llary: Malcolm “I wonder if I can save my week and Retweet @littlejohnny in the house tomorrow

@sunili: “Great. I have his respect and support; just like Bishop has my full confidence. We’re so f-cked.”

@deckchairguru: “Malcolm, you’ll be remembered as the wannabe Prime Minister whose heart was broken by the nation”

@comedy_nerd: Note to self: purge the Party of anyone to the left of me!

@maxcelcat: I’m going for some history “Why does this man even bother?”

@geoffmcqueen: “As if my week hadn’t sucked enough already, I’ve got to share a stage with the Rat.”

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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