Why are NSW’s hospitals trying to cut huge numbers of physiotherapy positions? Ask RPAH, Westmead, Prince of Wales and Liverpool hospitals. From a department of about forty to fifty many are supposed to lose eight to 11. The physios cannot say anything. Access block in emergency departments is often because they cannot get the current inpatients discharged quickly enough. Physios are there to get patients mobilising safely and in as rapid time as possible among other things. If you have few ward physios then the turnover will slow down. It is disgraceful. They are front line staff. They treat patients, they are not just decoration.

If SBS TV is still a government funded “public” TV station, presumably still largely paid for by tax payers and for taxpayers, why are we paying to watch advertising? Why are some “managers” at SBS claiming that certain programs are on air during prime time only while SBS seeks triannual funding from the Rudd government? Then the program(s) will be either shafted completely or at least given a 2pm timeslot on a Saturday afternoon if they’re very lucky. Cynicism gone rampant — men from NZ treating our public broadcaster as their personal fiefdom. Remember Shaun Brown admitted during his initial IV with the SBS board that he had never even watched SBS.

How is it that the news and current affairs department is editorialised because of sensitivities to advertisers? How is it that a mate of Mr Brown’s got a permanent and relatively hard to come by job in our news room overnight when reputable journalists on contracts can’t? Why does our HR department suddenly become all “feely touchy” and ask us to fill in an anonymous survey on our opinions on SBS? All just a coincidence? Shaun Brown and management really do seem to care, now don’t they, since the change of government Shaun Brown and his mates already destroyed TVNZ. Watch it. A bigger pile of crap you wouldn’t see. The Labor government need to stop him from completely destroying an important part of our Australian cultural life.

Maybe the Australian Defence Force’s helicopters are not helping in Victoria because they crashed another one in Timor.

News Ltd continues to show utter contempt for its Community Newspaper employees in all states. The last union meeting with News Ltd was held on January 21 for the next EBA, but Rupert’s minions are yet to make an offer to the MEAA a full month later. The last EBA ran out on December 31 and staff are fed up at missing out on their hard earned pay rise. The loathing for Murdoch and the hierarchy is at an all time high. Redundancies are already rolling out at Quest Community Newspapers. Below is an excerpt from general manager Dennis Watt’s circular a week ago under the heading “Pre-press Update”:

There will be a maximum of five staff made redundant across the Bowen Hills and Stafford sites. These will be decided on March 4 after assessment of skills tests and personal information questionnaires. Staff have been invited to express their interest in redundancies but the final decision will rest with management. Mergers like this within the newspapers industry are being replicated across the world. They become vitally necessary as business models change under the pressure of technology and changing consumer habits.

These trends are accelerating in this current economic climate. All Quest pre-press and ad services staff will transfer to the QNP payroll from April.One-on-one meetings will be held with all staff and HR Manager Mike Campbell is available to assist where required. While such projects are necessary and offer great career opportunities for our staff within the wider News Ltd business, there is nevertheless a note of sadness when good people go.

Pre-press and ad services have shouldered much of the load for our dramatic growth in recent years. They have contributed mightily to the success of the company and they has also added immeasurably to the vitality, the humour and the humanity of this business. They have many friends across the company.

If you ever wonder what a low standard is set by APN on the journalism front then check out the advertisement below that can be found on Seek. Up front they talk about “blending sales and journalism.” What a joke. And when are journos going to stand up to this demeaning way our profession is presented? This ad is a complete disgrace. Where is the MEAA on this one???

Journalist Sales Assistant.

Do you consider yourself a writer and do you have an outgoing bubbly personality? We are looking for a dynamic person who can perform a dual role blending journalism and sales at our Monto Office.

A degree in Journalism is not necessary but the ability to write and to assist selling advertising is necessary (when required) due to the nature of the business.

As the journalist you would be required to produce quality editorial and photographs to reflect the news, information and entertainment of your region. As the Sales Assist you would be required to assist the Advertising Sales Executive when required. You may also be required to provide holiday relief to other Central & North Burnett Times journalists at times.

The role is challenging and rewarding offering an attractive base salary and incentive scheme plus Superannuation. It is ideal for someone living in the region or wanting to reactivate or commence a newspaper career and all you need is the drive to succeed.

If you think this is you then contact the South Burnett Times Editor Clint Heathorn on (07) ——-  or email your resume to [email protected].

Pre-requisite: Drivers Licence.

The fun police are really in force at the cricket now. Not content after banning the beer “snake”, they are now stopping kids in the front row seats banging on the advertising hoardings as the bowler runs in. Celebrating wickets is next on the list!

Rumour has it that Mike Baird has already started doing the numbers for the seat of Bradfield — apparently he wants to emulate Daddy and ‘serve’ in both spheres.