Bushfires? What bushfires? News.com‘s top stories on Friday:

Freelance journalist plans to “Twitchhike” across globe in 30 days. Freelance journalist Paul Smith was in the bread aisle of Tesco two weeks ago when the idea came to him: a trip around the world in 30 days, with the Twitter community as his only aid. “I can only accept offers of travel and accommodation on Twitter, from Twitter users. No third-party offers,” Smith told Journalism.co.uk in a ‘twinterview’ on Thursday afternoon. Calling himself the ‘Twitchhiker’, Smith must — according to his self-imposed rules — only spend money on food and what he can carry once his trip begins on March 1 2009. — Journalism.co.uk

World Press photo of the year awards announced. This picture “US Economy in Crisis”, by the US photographer Anthony Suau, for Time magazine, won the World Press Photo of the Year 2008 award. Its original caption read: “Following an eviction, detective Robert Kole must ensure residents have moved out of their home in Cleveland, Ohio, 26 March 2008”:

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Blogger stabbed at bookstore in Beijing. A prominent Chinese blogger was stabbed by two men who may have been seeking revenge for his anti-establishment writings. Xu Lai, a newspaper writer and novelist who is widely known for his provocative blog, was attacked Saturday in a restroom by the men shortly after he spoke at a Beijing bookstore. Xiao Sanlang, Xu’s editor at The Beijing News, said that he was still in the hospital on Sunday but that his wounds were not life-threatening. “We still don’t know why it happened,” he said. According to Xiao, the attackers said, “We’re here to take revenge” before stabbing Xu in the stomach. The assailants escaped. — International Herald Tribune

Happy V-Day: valentines for journalists. Journalists need love too! Tell your journo sweetheart how you feel with Valentine’s Day cards from 10, 000 Words. The Crikey favourite:

Rupe’s second-in-command getting ready to depart? Is Rupert Murdoch’s number two man at New Corp. departing? The LA Times reports that Peter Chernin, who is credited with “the company’s smooth operations” and who has been in contract negotiations with Rupe for months may leave the company when his contract expires on June 30. Chernin has been tight-lipped about his plans. Some analysts view the situation — and the domino effect in management his departure could trigger — with alarm. — FishbowlNY

Chinese journalists face government blacklist. Chinese journalists who break their government’s reporting rules face being put on a new blacklist, adding to an array of controls used to restrict its domestic media. State-owned media in China today reported that the body that controls the sector plans to “establish a database of media professionals with a bad record”. China’s state-run media is tightly controlled and regularly censored in its reporting. According to a report in the China Press and Publishing Journal, reporters who violate the rules or laws will have their press cards taken away.The Guardian

Twitter’s analytical business plan. Sitting inside a conference room at Twitter, BlackBerry in hand, Kevin Thau is all business. In his first interview since taking charge of the San Francisco technology company’s mobile business development a month ago, Thau is confident that cellphones will play a crucial role in helping the messaging service make money. The four-year-old company, which has raised more than $35 million from Benchmark Capital, Spark Capital and others, offers its service free of charge, and hasn’t yet figured out how to generate revenues. — Forbes