Someone’s loose words yesterday created the news story of the day; the fires joining. And the media ate it up, without a hint of the analysis you would expect. Today, CFA/DSE back down from those comments without saying outright they were wrong.

I’m told that a number of long term staff at The Age have been put on a short working week to reduce accumulated annual and long service leave — so the balance sheet looks healthier. How bad are things at Fairfax if that is being contemplated?

Law firm Clayton Utz is shedding staff. A number of young lawyers were laid off last week, with insiders talking of more retrenchments in the pipeline.

Looked at Solar energy costs and the rebates available to users in each state. For NSW, it seems the Rees government is not too interested in reusable power as some states offer good deals on feed in charges to the grid. e.g. four times the cost of power refunded to a solar home where they feed power back to the state grid. NSW’ “cop out” is that they are waiting for other states to come into line before offering more than a cost rate for our feed ins. This is a joke for a government that, like all others, touts its green policies.

Why are the major media outlets repeating the myth that the Victorian bushfires are Australia’s worst natural disaster? This is not true. Australia’s worst natural disaster was Cyclone Mahina, which killed 410 people.

Nalliah’s dream, as announced in November last year, was about a shooting rampage followed by fire. So, even if one was to believe in prophetic dreams, this surely wasn’t one. No one seems to be reporting that bit though the media release is still on their website.

Media Monitors, the media monitoring giant is about to sack another 30 people Australia-wide as continues its “restructure”. This is on top of the 30 jobs lost just three months ago. The restructure will include closing its offices in SA, QLD and moving many more jobs to either Malaysia or New Zealand. The restructure will be completed by the end of the year. This is what happens when a company owns 80% of the market, and continues to buy out its opposition.

Regarding lost burnt passports. I put my family’s passport in a new inground safe. I thought it was waterproof but it was not. Damaged passports are all considered a serious issue, even though I thought I was storing mine safely. Accident or not I felt like a criminal. We had to start from scratch. Birth certificates, marriage certificates and pay as if we were applying for the first time. If you have accidental damage on your home insurance you are covered. We did not in spite of paying squillions each month for household insurance. If those poor people have lost their birth certificates etc they will be slugged to have those reissued. However if you say they have been stolen you only pay for a reissue which is a lot cheaper.