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Every single curse word ever uttered on The Sopranos

CrikeyFeb 12, 2009

Together at last. (NSFW, obviously.)

How Australia can reclaim Rio and embrace the Chinese

Crikey founder Stephen Mayne writes:Feb 12, 20094 Comments

Did Nambour High equip Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan to deal with all this at once? asks Stephen Mayne.

The housing market is holding up. Shock

Glenn Dyer writes:Feb 12, 20091 Comment

A striking thing about the flow of statistics this week is the continuing confidence people have in housing, writes Glenn Dyer.

The Cold War remains unfinished business

Jeff Sparrow, editor of Overland writes:Feb 12, 20092 Comments

The Cold War remains unfinished business in Australia -- and, with the global crisis, we're seeing a kind of political return of the repressed, writes Jeff Sparrow.

Morning Market Report

Marcus Padley, sharemarket analyst and author of the Marcus Today daily newsletter, reports:Feb 12, 20091 Comment

Marcus Padley reports on the highs and lows of today's markets.

Comments, corrections, clarifications, and c*ckups

CrikeyFeb 12, 2009

Victoria's bushfires... stimulating the economys... the global financial crisis ... climate change ...

Fielding the last man standing in stimulus fest

Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane writes:Feb 12, 200919 Comments

It's hard to get excited about the unfolding drama of the Senate's consideration of the stimulus package, writes Bernard Keane.

D, E and F: Eddy Groves' other business interests

Adam Schwab writes:Feb 12, 2009

Despite his spectacular loss of wealth in ABC Learning, little detail has been reported about Eddy Groves’ remaining business interests, writes Adam Schwab.

Parks Victoria uses the fire crisis to light up the Prom again

Crikey naturalist Lionel Elmore writes:Feb 12, 20097 Comments

Why is it that Parks Victoria and DSE get away with taking every opportunity to light fires in National Parks and stir local sentiment for more and more fires? asks Lionel Elmore.

Now showing on the Crikey website...

CrikeyFeb 12, 2009

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