I hear that Qantas has had another major inflight failure from Melbourne to LA. Any news from your sources? This scares the crap out of me.

Is there any particular reason why no one is saying much about tier two provider AAPT losing the CBA — their biggest customer? When the contract became due for renewal, CBA perhaps believed that AAPT would adopt their usual begging position. Not so. They didn’t even re-apply. It seems CBA are just too greedy and there is minimal profit involved for the struggling carrier. Certainly not near enough profit to keep owners TNZ happy. And they are apparently super demanding and extremely difficult to deal with.

All others, including Optus, are looking the other way and CBA are now talking with Telstra, who are decidedly not keen to take them on at AAPT’s price. So, one way or the other, CBA will be paying a lot more for their comms for the next few years. And you can expect some blood on the floor at AAPT, particularly from their “premium” arm, Gen-i, whose staff rather touchingly believe that they will be snapped up by Telstra. Some will. The rest are headed for the scrapheap.

Has anyone questioned why the media are covering up the Federal Government’s blatant breach of the Ramsar Convention? Under the Convention the Australian Government is obliged to report the degradation of the Coorong to the Ramsar Convention Secretariat for inclusion on the Montreux Record. This is “a record of Ramsar sites where changes in ecological character have occurred, are occurring or are likely to occur”.

The Australian Government have been approached several times on this matter and have made excuses including that the degradation of this internationally significant site is due to climate change. This excuse is 1) inaccurate as degradation was occurring long before the current drought due to poor River management & overextraction and 2) irrelevant because climate change is not regarded as an excuse by the Ramsar Convention for not placing a site on the Montreux Record.

Likewise several stations have been approached to cover the Australian Government’s breach of the Ramsar Convention and declined.

Fairfax/Rural Press are donating $100,000 to the bushfire appeal. How does that compare to exec salaries this year? How about they support the communities that helped build the Rural Press empire?

I hear that the ADF were unable to supply food canteens to fire ravaged towns/areas in Victoria because Kevin cancelled them last year as a “cost cutting” measure — oops!

Re. Yesterday’s tip about the Greenacres Golf Course in Kew. I was walking down along the Yarra recently and noticed that the adjoining Latrobe Golf Course in Kew is drawing water from a big fat black pipe. Are they paying for this water, and if so, at what rate? The course looks wonderfully green. I vaguely recall reading an article recently about Melbourne Water withdrawing such rights.