The Victorian coroner is currently making contigency plans to receive up to 300 corpses in a Melbourne morgue network already overstretched by heatwave deaths

An internet mail group that shares tips on tuning into satellite news feeds mentioned this news about a satellite news truck feed today… An ABC reporter at the Victorian fires on one of the ABC feed channels … preparing for his live cross. Reporter rubbing ash and black dirt onto his jacket after the producer in the studio told him he looked too clean. Saw him call firefighters a-hole and f-cking knobs, becuase they wouldnt tell him where to get more spectacular site for beckground pic.

The firey asked him if he had permission to be there and he got his back up. He fluffed his line about 10 times, kept fluffing his hair, primping himself, then rubbed ash over himself, to look into it. My kids nicknamed his “the camel” because he kept burping, grunting and hacking his throat prior to cross. Have seen plenty of these setups for live crosses for both ABC and commercial, including a lot of the big names and I have never seen anyone carry on like this bloke.

What a crock — the Army has career firefighters who because they belong to the Incident Response Regiment are unable to be used.

I play at Greenacres Gold Course several times a week, including through last week’s heatwave in Melbourne, and the course was pumping water into their dam (from the Yarra I presume) every time I was out there. The flow is cleverly disguised as a fountain in the large dam off the the fifth fairway. So, flows are not reduced at the height of summer. My fellow golfing partners and I are amazed at how the dam has been full right through summer. We now have our answer. And yes, they have planted drought-proof grass, which they now water on a regular basis. We like our golf, but worry about the water. Sorry for the anon note, but ex-communication is a possibility for dissention.

News Ltd cuts in Brisbane. Quest Newspapers: Image Magazines are gone; outer offices are closing; resigning staff are not being replaced. John Hartigan is doing the rounds, so there is more to come!

In the light of the ABC reneging on its pay offer to staff, Crikey readers and politicians might consider the generosity forwarded to senior mangers (or “directors” as they like to call themselves) since Jonathan Shier “reformed” their salary structure, and for the first time gave them (multiple) six figure salaries plus “bonuses” (for what? one might ask). The last of the Shier shower, Sue Howard, recently left. Surely now is the time for Senate Estimates to ask why it is that the quality of decision-making at the ABC deteriorated drastically ever since those making them have been paid whopping salaries like in the so-called real world.

Laurie Daley quits Nine League and heads back to Fox Sports.

Jetstar has started to cut hard. Front of house staff have been given notice and several regional airport desks have been told that they have to tender for their own jobs.

Defence spending train wreck. Let’s not forget Project Overlander, where the re-bid on the Medium and Heavy elements will cost the DOD millions of dollars and five years of capability shortfall. And the company which caused the re-bid by not complying with their original tender is included in the re-bid. The original and re-bid will cost the companies involved in the order of $15-20 million dollars.

Word is that the NSW Government is trying to lure Disney to Sydney for a Pyrmont-based DisneyLand to complement its HK and Tokyo operations. Village Roadshow and US theme park company Six Flags mulled this over some years ago (at a site in the now rather industrial park-themed Kurnell) but it fell through. This attempt, and the nature of the site, appears to be driven by government, presumably offering incentives.

My employer, the Uniting Church, is about to spend tens of millions of dollars on a new corporate headquarters in Melbourne — in ostentaton a rival to the Vatican — complete with commercial shops. Most of us a very upset that this is happening at all, but especially when many many of our parishioners and clients are in dire financial and social strife. We thought we’d signed up to help the poor not boys with an er-ction complex.

State Street on Friday morning announced that all bonuses for its employees will be halved.

Your 100 years with Dame Elisabeth says she was born a Green. I think this should be Greene. I’ve written to her re family history and the “e” has always been there! — her grandfather was Vic Railways Commissioner in 1892.

Meanwhile on the grassy knoll:

Did China fake its spacewalk?

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