The editor of The Age, Paul Ramadge, has suspended columns by business columnist Michael Backman as a result of the controversy over a column condemned as anti-Semitic.

The Australian Jewish News is reporting that Ramadge has said Backman will not be published for three months.

And it seems that the Jewish Community Council of Victoria has not let up in its lobbying following Backman and The Age’s apologies for running a column perceived as anti-Semitic.

The column that caused all the controversy was published on 17 January in the Business section. The Age later apologised for its publication, and Backman also apologised publically, and protested that he was not anti-Semitic. (Read previous coverage of this controversy here, here, and here).

The AJN reports that following the apologies, JCCV President John Searle had “further phone and email dialogue” with Paul Ramadge.

This morning Searle told Crikey that Ramadge had said Backman’s suspension would be reviewed at the end of three months, and that reinstatement would not be automatic.

Ramadge and Backman have not yet responded to requests for comment.