ABC Managers have reneged on a 4% wage offer agreed to by staff last year. The ABC says they can’t afford the increase which was due in April this year. New offer is 1% in April and 3% in July. It also involves extending the EBA for an extra 15 months. Staff are mighty p-ssed off.

The Australian reported yesterday that Myer is to increase its ad spend for the coming months, funded through a deal with suppliers that will result in Myer buying more stock. In reality, battle-weary Myer suppliers were given two options: buy in or get out. Myer has been driving suppliers hard in recent months, demanding higher margins, increased rebates and so on (ie, more money) to prop up its profit. Suppliers on the other hand are paying more, but seeing their sales drop at Myer (sales have been going backwards for more than two years when CPI is factored in). Well, two major suppliers have had enough. One large youth apparel brand told Myer in December is was exiting and a second major brand is set to follow. Both are in the final stages of closing exclusivity deals with David Jones.

Alex Mitchell writes of the demise of the Obeid/Tripodi influence due to, among other things, former union boss John Robertson’s dislike of the two. This is incorrect. Mr Obeid has been extremely active in the promotion of Robertson and counts him as an ally. Or at least this is what Mr O is saying. The dynamics are clearly murkier than first appears. But then again, this is the NSW ALP Right Wing.

I wonder if there’s any truth to the rumour that BHP had reassessed the Ravensthorpe mine life down from 30 years to 10 years and then subsequently down to three years prior to the rather timely fall in nickel prices?

Stilgherrian’s story in Crikey is a little incorrect in parts — the error didn’t come from StopBadware — Google confirmed that error from their first announcement many hours ago — so should Crikey 🙂

Did Louise Hall from the SMH actually read the paper (published in the Medical Journal of Australia) about childhood obesity — or did she simply forget to mention in her article that the child “Jade” mentioned in the paper was not a real child, but an amalgamation of several different papers? Sloppy journalism either way!