The Crikey army has responded in predictably feisty fashion to our inaugural SackWatch list, with the tips piling in from across the country.

In new figures released on Friday, Roy Morgan claims 1.5 million Australians, or 13.9% of the population, are now unemployed or underemployed.

Here are the latest examples of corporate malfeasance to add to the doom and gloom set to engulf the jobs market this year:

De Longhi: Household appliance maker said to be temporarily sacking 400 workers at its radiator unit

Brookfield Multiplex: Staff sacked each month since August with around 250 white collar workers already dumped

Orica: “Hundreds” globally but local toll yet to be confirmed

Riviera: 110 at national boat builder

Electrolux: 44 jobs in Australia and New Zealand

Boeing: 6% across-the-board cuts in its global workforce. The company has 3,800 local employees and has already sacked 500 workers from a subsidiary.

Electronic Arts: Local top-level management have been shown the door after the software firm’s Canadian arm sacked 55 workers.

Citrix: 10% of global workforce retrenched. Software firm has 160 staff across Australia and New Zealand.

GBS Gold: 300 workers sacked after firm entered receivership

Matilda Minerals: 12 full time workers on the Tiwi Islands

Redbank Mines: 6 full time copper mine workers

GEMCO: BHP Billiton-owned miner put off 200 contractors and a few direct employees

Compass Resources: 250 jobs at Browns copper, nickel and cobalt mine

OZ Minerals: 1200 more local job losses at debt-ridden miner

Xstrata: 300 workers laid off temporarily from the McArthur River Mine

CDE capital: Mining contractor has put off 30 staff at McArthur River Mine

Ausenco: 50 staff from their Perth office

ANZ: 100 NZ call centre jobs outsourced to India

Australian Taxation Office: 133 regionally-based jobs as managers scramble to meet productivity targets

Cook’s Construction: Approx 500 people have been made redundant over the past 3 months from all over Australia

Construction industry: 50,000 jobs in Queensland with thousands more nationally

Have you been sacked? Send your tales of job cut woe to with “sackwatch” in the subject field and we’ll keep the list updated as a handy HR reference point.