NT News creates another beautiful piece of journalism. Using the delightful combination of Photoshop and beat-up, the NT News produced this gold nugget yesterday about the Alice Springs deputy mayor THINKING about sending Obama an invitation to visit Uluru. Yes, thinking. Note the text in the corner of the image “Artist’s impression”, for those who might think the picture was real.

Who killed Facebook?

News.com’s confusing headline and picture led Crikey regular Stilgherrian to believe this man had hacked into and destroyed the beloved social networking site. Actually, it turns out he was killed by a teenager who wrote about wanting to kill someone on Facebook. Tenuous.

NewsAlerts.com.au shuts down. Adelaide-based start-up NewsAlerts.com.au will shut down all services on 2 February following the signing of a mysterious deal with Wotif.com-backed wotnews.com.au. NewsAlerts is a free, advertising-supported service that sends its members an email whenever a company of interest issues a press release through the Australian Stock Exchange or is written about by a mainstream news source. It has competed with Wotnews for some time, although the latter provides a much wider service. The start-up’s managing director, Geoffrey Kwitko, bought the company from its founder Chris Were in mid-2007, and has been operating it since, quickly breaking even after bringing on advertising partners. — Bootstrappr

Hyperlinks: the end of online journalism? GateHouse Media Inc. and The New York Times Co. will be facing each other ina US federal court this week in a fascinating case that is sure to be followed closely by bloggers and journalists across the world. In what will likely be a precedent setting case for new media, GateHouse claims New York Times Co. site Boston.com is violating copyright and trademark laws by republishing headlines and lead sentences from GateHouse Wicked Local sites on Boston.com, linking to the original articles [on the Wicked Local sites] and as a result allowing visitors to bypass ads posted on the GateHouse home page. GateHouse also claims this is creating confusion about the source of the original story. — Read Write Web

Barbarian fighting the good fight on TwitterA self-described bunch of “concerned PR professionals” have set up a Twitter account called TheMediaIsDying to chronicle media-industry layoffs so that fellow flacks know who to take off their spam — I mean contact — lists. It has attracted more than 10,000 followers. The Barbarian Group’s Rick Webb, a firm believer in awesomeness of the Internet, has had enough and, with colleague Noah Brier, begun a rival feed: MediaIsThriving. The feed aggregates evidence of media doing quite well, thank you very much, such as the growth in cable-TV jobs, French movies doing nicely and the Financial Times growing readership after hiking subscription rates. — AdFreak

Disney-ABC Television Group lays off hundreds. The Disney-ABC Television Group today laid off several hundred people, citing the weakening economy. Group President Anne Sweeney sent an e-mail to the approximately 7,000 television group employees, saying that after months of trying to adjust the business to the worsening economic climate, “we’re now faced with the harsh reality of having to eliminate jobs in some areas.” — LA Times