When historic events take place in the 21st century, it’s no longer enough to just huddle round the wireless to share the moment with family. This is the Internet age, and the revolution will be liveblogged. As Obama took to the podium to be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, millions around the world logged in to the occasion, sharing their reactions live via Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube and myriad other social networking tools with viewers around the world.

Here is a snapshot of how the web viewed the inauguration:


Highlights from the Inauguration 2009 Flickr pool:

Brian Brooks

mischa levin   




From the #inauguration group:

ckitzman: It has been a while since eloquence was manifest in our leader, and it is a welcome change

bruceko: Finally a coherent and well spoken President once more. What a great speech. First time I’m watching an Inauguration.

andrewpearce: There’s not a soul in any other department in my store — everyone is in Home Theater/Magnolia incl a number of police officers

alteridem: For the first time in a very long time, I’m proud to be an American

ciaoenrico: Missing parts from speech: “We will go back to science. We’ll also start rejecting ignorance again. And stop saying, ‘folks.'”


Highlights from the liveblogs:


2:09 — “Homes have been lost, jobs shed… our schools fail…” Well that has all been your fault for 10 minutes now, Mr. War President. F-ck your Iraq War etc. Why are you not giving me money right now Hussein?
12:10 — “We’ll fix all that bunk though, chill.”
12:11 — “The time has come to set aside childish things.” Oh this must be the revamped part of the speech where he always yells at us to turn our Xboxes off.
12:12 — Ugh he is going to force us to “make things” again, like the white ethnic immigrants. Well screw that. Make your own damn “exportable product,” tradey.
12:13 — He is literally mandating us all to perform rigorous manual labor by 2:30pm.

NY Times:

A Secure Place to Walk | 4:13pm. They are now passing the Old Post Office, which is crammed with people. The Obamas are now back in their car. They walked perhaps two blocks, but blocks that were protected by big federal buildings that are locked down for the day.

Walking the Parade Route | 4:12pm. The crowds are shrieking and cheering. The Obamas are holding hands, he in a long black coat with a crimson scarf, she in her sparkling jacket and dress (and wow, she must be freezing!)

She’s also in heels, but at least she doesn’t have to walk backwards.


Karen Tumulty — 4:07pm: Right now, Michelle is wishing she had worn a different coat. One that buttons up.

James Poniewozik – 4:06pm: Obama steps out of the limo. Big screams. Jonas Brothers-level screams. If I could make a crowd go into fits like this every time I stepped out of a car, it would be hard not to do this All. The Time.

And yet this must be the kind of moment that gives the Secret Service ulcers on top of their ulcers.

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