The Winners: The One Day cricket from Hobart fed a sizeable audience into Nine last night and helped it to an easy win. Nine news was top with 1.397 million viewers, with Seven News next with 1.339 million. The afternoon session of the one day cricket (which ended around 5.45pm) averaged 1.285 million. The 6.30pm repeat of 20 to 1 averaged 1.216 million and Two and a Half Men on Nine in repeat at 7.30pm averaged 1.116 million. Flashpoint at 8.30pm averaged 1.112 million for Nine. Hot Property on Seven averaged 1.068 million, Jack Of All Trades; a lunch in the cricket filler program averaged 1.043 million people.

The Losers: Nine’s on-air promos for new 2009 programs are showing some losers. The Australian version of Wipeout is one. Seven’s 2009 promos will dominate the Australian Open tennis, so be very afraid: yes Desperate Housewives is returning.

News & CA: The cricket helped Nine News nationally and in Sydney and Melbourne. In Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, Seven News won the night. The 7pm ABC News averaged 762,000 people. Ten News, 470,000. SBS News at 6.30pm, 149,000. In the morning, Seven’s Weekend Sunrise from 8am averaged 392,000, the 7.30am early edition, 254,00. Nine’s half hour news at 8am, just 87,000 viewers. Not a good look for the Sunrise clone planned to start shortly.

The Stats: Nine won with a share of 34.6% in All People 6pm to midnight, from Seven with 27.2%, Ten with 16.0%, the ABC with 15.1% and SBS with 7.1%. Nine won Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Seven squeaked home in Perth.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: The change to the powerplay rules for the ODI cricket has made what was a boring format into something interesting with the five over batting powerplay to be taken at any time after the bowling power play. The two Twenty20 games last week showed more structure and more real cricket than the international games in the past season or two.

The 1.285 million average for the last session of the Hobart ODI was pretty good, given that it was a Sunday afternoon. Friday night’s first ODI, won by South Africa was a day night game. It averaged 1.187 million. It would seem Nine didn’t break up into two sessions, as it normally does, for the rating rankings. Around 18 million were watching towards the end of the thrilling game Friday night. Just over 2 million average watched to 20/20 games last week, so the 50 over game isn’t as dead as a lot of people think.

Apart from that and the steady erosion of Nine’s remaining news credibility in Sydney, all is quiet. Nine is promoting so many new programs at the moment that you have to wonder if they are filling holes in their ad schedules with program promotions.

Top Gear tonight on SBS looms as the go to option for the easily bored. Home and Away returns on Seven at 7pm for those interested. Flashpoint is on again on Nine tonight. It’s about a Canadian police team in Toronto. Give me Inspector Rex in Rome anywhere any day.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports