Malcolm Turnbull’s office is not a happy place to work. There have been many recent staff movements out of the office. More are coming. Turnbull is a serial offender — he regularly implodes and abuses people. Credlin will return to the number two spot in the office. She stays on as that is part of the Liberal Party deal, being Loughnane’s spouse. Many will be pleased to see her get her just desserts. She showed zero loyalty to her then Chief of Staff Peter Hendy when they worked for Nelson.

Regarding Alex Mitchell’s story yesterday. What the works at Botany Bay have also done (which has pleased the Moral Crusaders of the State) is move along a sizeable population of people who have used the Foreshore Road beach and surrounding sand dunes for nude bathing, and, shall we say “nocturnal activities” from all ends of the spectrum. Police raids along a certain section of the beach were an all too common place after dark. It has also taken away one of the few dog off leash beaches left in Sydney. People may well complain about the loss of its beauty and ecological importance, but it has also been an important recreational area, both for legitimate and nefarious reasons, and losing any recreation area in Sydney is criminal. That and there is now one less place for those participating in the gang wars to dump the fallen soldiers…

Three Australians are making a career for themselves in Israel as spokesmen on military affairs:

  1. Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev, seen frequently in TV news programs, was born in Australia, according to Wikipedia. He was educated at Melbourne’s Mount Scopus College and the University of Melbourne.
  2. Israeli military spokesman Captain Benjamin Rutland, whose media interviews were seen on Australian TV news after the bombing of a United Nations school in Gaza this week, is from Sydney. According to a Sydney Morning Herald article on July 28, 2006, Rutland migrated from to Israel from Sydney when he was 25 and volunteered for Israeli military service in early 2006.
  3. Captain Guy Spigelman, now 36, who has been a spokesman for the Israeli army on CNN and the BBC, went to Israel 12 years ago from Sydney. Spigelman is a nephew of the Chief Justice of the NSW Supreme Court, Jim Spigelman.

In a blatant insult to Western Australia’s indigenous population, Ministers Norman Moore, Rob Johnson and Robyn McSweeney are out-and-out refusing to have Elders offer a Welcome to Country before significant events or even acknowledge traditional owners in speeches.

From next week Qantas international cabin crew will no longer have a two night rest period in London. It has been reduced to one night. This is obviously a cost cutting measure but the crew really do need the time before flying back to Australia via Asia. There will be issues with minimum rest periods for crews and we will see flights being delayed due to crews not having enough rest time in between flights if flights arrive late into London (which they do often). This will mean that QF has to find accomm for all people on board. In the end, a cost saving measure may not save any money at all and more importantly, I am reliably informed that safety could very well be an issue with cabin crew not being properly rested.

ABC Classic FM’s (the ABC’s national classical music radionetwork) lack of management should be checked out. The network manager John Crawford was set aside and a proposed new network staff structure published at the end of June 2008. Crawford is still acting as the network manager more than six months later! The network manager and program director positions were advertised nationally (I think in July 2008). Interviews for the network manager’s position were held in late October and there has been no announcement of any appointment since then. Interviews have not been held for the Program Director’s position. The network staff are demoralised and, unsurprisingly, feel there is no coherent or authoritative leadership of the network. ABC senior radio management should be called to account for this disgraceful lack of action

I’m not sure whether other Westpac credit card customers had the same experience as me, but I just received my Westpac bill two days after it was due (6 Jan 09). To add insult to injury, the date stamp on the envelope was 6 Jan 09. I wonder if Westpac will be charging interest to those who don’t have internet access to review their credit card bill when their billing department is obviously not up to the task at hand?