ABC Shops sale back on. Its GM was made redundant yesterday. ABC Books sold too. ABC Enterprises falling apart.

A CSIRO technology that has been 15 years in development is being commercialised by Phoslock Water Solutions. The product, Phoslock, reduces the concentration of orthophosphate in water and can give long term control over algae including blue-green algae. It can clean up and prevent further outbreaks in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other water bodies. The company is developing markets in a number of countries. This is unfortunate as while Australia is dying for a solution to blue-green algae, the technology, rather than being transferred to local councils, water authorities etc, is being commercialised, thereby slowing down the process to market and solution success! CSIRO needs a rethink on what technologies they commercialise and what they focus on transferring out as a priority.

Former SBS Radio Hebrew presenter Yehuda Kaplan is taking his fight to the Industrial Relations Commission today. One of a long line of SBS employees treated shoddily by management.

The AFR site was down on Wednesday at peak time at the open of the market. I was trying to access the site from 11am. Does anyone even look at the site anymore? Am I the only paid subscriber who actually still cares? Clearly, the last five years at will go down as a nice case study in how NOT to do web strategy… Putting scared old men in charge of new media!

Costs blow out at Fairfax. The new press at Ormiston is a real white elephant for Fairfax at this point in time. The cost of $35m has now blown out to $43m and is NOT fully operational. Full production was due to start early December now has moved back to February. The northern editions of NSW and QLD for SMH and Sun Herald won’t start until late February. The press is not going to as planned — not the Holy Grail they were after, mass staff walkouts with the rest unhappy. The knives are out. Things are not rosy in the printing side.