As readers will have to go two weeks without a daily Stuff We Like fix, the Crikey Team has put together a bumper edition of our favourite articles, sites, videos and web-based distractions to keep you occupied while we have a hard-earned break.

Chinmerica. The world economy over the past decade has been the relationship between China and America, says The American Interest, resulting in what they call: Chinmerica. But is China ready to step out on its own?

Beethoven and the Illuminati. Like many child stars, Beethoven had a tough time fitting into the world as a teenager. But did he fall into a secret society intent on running the world? Slate probes.

Well heeled. Do high heels constrain or empower? asks Germaine Greer in the Times.

Dead man laughing. Zadie Smith muses on comedy, comedians, and the humour passed down through families.

What do you give Africa for Christmas? Is it ethical to send a goat to Africa for Christmas? Ethan Greenhart answers. Sort of.

The Depression is going to be awesome. A collision of awesomeness when GOOD and Make collide to make this video on surviving the Depression.

Dude. Before you see The Day the Earth Stood Still this summer, check out New York mag’s Complete Field Guide to the Facial Expressions of Keanu Reeves.

ASDA lunchboxes. These UK-designed lunch boxes unfold into place settings. Fake ones, but it makes lunch at the desk slightly more civilised. Brought to our attention by Lost at E Minor.

Obama’s poetic predecessor. The Atlantic compares the poetry of Barack Obama with that of Abraham Lincoln.

Only in Somalia. The cartoon that divided a newsroom: Somalia. Some of us loved it, some of us hated it, some of us played it on repeat to annoy the editor.

1000 words. The Guardian‘s 24 hours in pictures for today, and relive the year through their archives

Hip-hop got the yoof behind Obama. British rapper Dizzee Rascal says hip-hop got Obama elected. Doesn’t say how. Innit?

The Onion‘s sport story of the year? An oldie but a goodie: NASCAR Cancels Remainder of Season Following David Foster Wallace’s Death. “I first read Infinite Jest in 1998 when my gas-can man gave me a copy when I was a rookie in the Craftsman Truck Series, and I was immediately struck dumb by the combination of effortlessness and earnestness of his prose.”

Pitchfork’s music lists. The indie hipsters Pitchfork Media have put together their usual ‘top music’ lists for 2008, featuring a bunch of tracks and albums you’ve probably never heard but should. The 50 Top Albums, 100 Best Tracks and Top 40 Music Videos should provide plenty of fuel for debate amongst music geeks, while anyone can appreciate the Top 20 Worst Album Covers.