A Crikey tipster alluded to a Courier Mail pointer to a story about the Queensland Premier’s botox. The story never appeared. Crikey’s vigilance has paid off, and the story is now out in the open.

Declining classifieds revenue hasn’t stopped Age advertising managers wining and dining at Melbourne’s lavish restaurants. Individual clients outnumbered by gaggle of Age sales and senior management living it up at company expense at Melbourne’s finest eateries. Whopping FBT bills mounting…

Re. A revision of the AFR’s online strategy… Corks will be popping among staffers. Perhaps a more sensible system will be on the way. Readers at the site still have no idea whether the story they are about to click on is subscriber only or free. (Assuming they haven’t already deserted the “brand”.) The strategy has been long on fear and short on common sense.

DVD retail chain EzyDVD was placed into receivership yesterday with receivers Ferrier Hodgson claiming stores would operate “business as usual” for the time being. Last week I visited their Melbourne Central store to see if they had Futurama: Bender’s Game, and the woman at the counter told me she had been informed that morning that they would not be stocking it, nor Batman: The Dark Knight, or Family Guy Season Seven. “Why?” I asked. “Because our company is sh-thouse”, she told me. So, yeah — business as usual.

Crikey/Media Monitors radio rumour watch reports:

  • SMSer Trevor claims Frank Lowy got lost in “his own” carpark at Westfield Bondi Junction. Trevor understands new signs and colour coded floors were installed shortly afterwards. — 5.41am ABC 702 Sydney
  • Caller Jock heard Prime Minister Kevin Rudd donated cricket equipment to troops in Afghanistan and wonders whether it was made in Pakistan. Presenter Chris Costello doesn’t know whether any cricket gear is manufactured in Australia anymore. He knows all football gear is now made in India. — 6.12am 4BC (Brisbane)
  • Caller “Scrooge” says Christmas lights in hospitals have been removed to save energy. Presenter Darren James wonders whether it’s a cost cutting measure or even due to offending someone’s religious sensitivities. — 7.08am 3AW (Melbourne)