We told you we’d be asking questions, so we hope you’ve been paying attention. Crikey’s Canberra Correspondent Bernard Keane is full bottle on all that has happened in the federal parliament through 2008 and he’s put together the inaugural Crikey 22-Question Canberra Wonkout Quiz. Do you know the answers to these probing interrogatories?

How did Julie Bishop intervene when Belinda Neal confronted Brendan Nelson at the end of a Sydney-Canberra flight in late August?

What was the subject of John Murphy’s notorious complaint to House of Representatives Speaker Harry Jenkins in September?

What is Kevin Rudd’s middle name?

Brendan Nelson cares … at what event did he make that historic declaration?

Who suggested that the Coalition’s ranks contained a number of “friends of Dorothy” during Question Time in November?

In a bizarre doorstop on Budget day, whom did Peter Costello advise to “get a new prescription”?

Why was Senator Mary Jo Fisher running around the Senate Chamber during the last moments of this year’s sittings?

Think you’re in with a chance, feeling Wonkier than thou? Test your knowledge and take the test here. Discover your wonk rating and amaze your friends.

Peter Fray

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