Was it Gary Gray, the ALP’s most notorious Parliamentary climate change denier overheard in a cafe saying “job done”, after the release of the Commonwealth’s ETS?

Maybe the Ruddster and Julia Gillard should make sure their backbenchers are worded up when it comes to IR. At a Saturday ALP meeting out in Lindsay, local MP David Bradbury faced the CFMEU boss in NSW, Andrew Ferguson, in a friendly debate about the pros and cons of the ABCC. The topic had Bradbury completely in a tailspin as he apologised for his lack of knowledge, his government’s lack of interest in abolishing the ABCC and just about everything that was wrong in the world. If Rudd ever instigates a Ministry of Apologies, Bradbury would be a start up for the job. It was an embarrassing display for a bloke whom the likes of Senator Steve Hutchins and former Lindsay MP Ross Free say is future Minister material.

Minister Albanese (and the government) has become sick of the Air Traffic Control battle in the skies. He has set a meeting between the parties scheduled for this Wednesday; both unions and employer representatives will be present at the “round table”. Apparently they are planning to get tough with the “renegade union” who is enforcing sick outs as a covert way of placing industrial pressure on the government and it’s employer of controllers — Airservices Australia. A MUA style power break up is on the cards and they are planning to crush that “pissy little union” (Civil Air) to prove that whilst the government is giving more rights to workers they actually are tough on unions.

Telstra board members and senior executives will be able to lick their wounds and contemplate their ejection from the government’s NBN process with a shareholder funded first class trip for a “board meeting” in Las Vegas next month. And just to show not everyone has to bear the brunt of savage cost cuts, shareholders are paying for spouses to come along for the ride.

Only a few weeks ago Mallesons said rumours about redundancies were “bulldust“. Not any more it seems. I was made redundant last week because of the “economic crisis”, just two weeks before Christmas. Not happy.

On Bush’s shoe-ducking incident, news.com.au reports: “Some news.com.au readers have pointed out that anyone who had done the same to Iraq’s former leader Saddam Hussein would have been harshly dealt with.” With a link to their own comments page. Does repeating the inanities of the morons who populate the news.com.au comments box really count as journalism? Or is it just a way to say what you want without needing proof? A modern day “some people say”?

In regards to The Australian newspaper situation, ink sales to newspapers (that is ink to print with) are down 20% on last year. For what it’s worth… No it’s not the bean-counters cutting back on ink it’s obviously a disgruntled ink salesman. The fact is with the move to digital pagination (where the pages are put onto the plates via lasers) most of the big newspaper groups are utilising Ink Optimisation software. It’s clever technology that looks at each colour separation (plate) and determines via a colour look-up algorithm whether the same result could be achieved with a different mix of inks. For example if a picture contains a large grey component the three colours that make up grey (cyan, magenta and yellow) can be swapped out for black. The result can be anywhere from 10%-30% reduction in ink without sacrificing quality.

More senior management turmoil at Myer. Another director (equity partner) has been shown the door.The head of marketing, events and pr has “resigned”, and will not be replaced. Not only that, but Myer is not doing any more brand marketing and all advertising going forward will be sale, promotional or direct mail. No more sexy jen Hawkins ads, just unsexy ads (with Jen) flogging more and more sales

Can you believe that they had a competition to name the new childcare centre at Parliament House and came up with this? Capital Hill Early Childhood Centre. Wow. The play on the word “capital” is just annoying. With 200 entries this was the best? Crikey could do better I’m sure.

Crikey/Media Monitors radio rumour watch reports:

  • Caller “Cop This” claims international applications for the role of Victorian Police Commissioner have been received. One of the applications was allegedly from the Zimbabwean police commissioner. — 7.09am 3AW (Melbourne)
  • Caller Daniel says a service station operator last night advised “there is no diesel in Queensland”. Presenter Ian Maurice understands the diesel shortage may be due to a fire last week at the Caltex refinery. — 9.39am 4BC (Brisbane)