Iraqi reporter throws shoes at ‘dog’ Bush. US President George W Bush’s surprise visit to Iraq overnight was marred when an Iraqi journalist threw two shoes at him during a press conference. Mr Bush was paying a surprise visit to Baghdad just a month before he is due to leave office. After walking the red carpet inspecting Iraqi troops, Mr Bush held talks with the country’s President Jalal Talabani. Later an Iraqi reporter called Mr Bush a “dog” in Arabic and threw his shoes at him during a news conference in the city. — ABC

New magazine attempts to lift veil on Arab taboos. On any western coffee table it would not look out of place: a magazine with a slightly risque cover and articles ranging from s-xuality to fetishism and the human body. But on the newsstands of the Middle East it’s a different matter. In the run-up to its launch next week, the glossy quarterly Jasad (“body” in Arabic) has been generating plenty of curiosity and hostility as it prepares to take on some of the most powerful taboos in Arab culture. Issue one of the Lebanese title includes articles on self-mutilation and cannibalism as well as stories on sexual themes by authors from Egypt, Morocco, Syria and Palestine. Pseudonyms are not permitted. Regular features will include Body-Talk, Voyeur’s Corner and My First Time. — The Guardian

Pablo the Drug Mule Dog has cocaine blues. The latest UK anti-cocaine PSA campaign, titled “Talk to Frank,” is a bummer but entertaining to watch. Narrated by Pablo the Drug Mule Dog, whose stomach has been sliced open to carry coke, it offers a “frank” and graphic discussion of some of the ickier effects of drug. If you want more “Frank” talk, or help for you or a friend with a drug problem, go to, a fairly hip drug-info site, but make sure you check out the videos of Pablo and the cocaine baggie first. — Adfreak

Rod Blagojevich’s deleted Facebook account. Once he was arrested, Facebook users turned vicious. “I hope nobody keeps you ‘warm and safe’ in prison,” wrote one on a Nov. 25 note about a Christmas tree lighting. And on his final post, published a week before his arrest, the outpouring of hate was unstoppable: “Rot in hell you scum bag” “Is that a toupee?” “Just wanted to say goodbye. I’m glad you’ve been arrested.” Isn’t Facebook where you go to connect with your friends and share your life? If anyone could use a friend, it’s Blagojevich. Blago may have been the most friendless person on the Internet. — Gawker

Jessica Rowe gets boned again! Newsreader Jessica Rowe — famously boned by former Nine Network chief Eddie McGuire in 2006 — has been sacked again, this time by the Seven Network. Rowe, 38, is reportedly angry at Seven’s decision not to renew her contract. A popular evening newsreader at the Ten Network before being poached by Nine to co-anchor the network’s Today show, Rowe was later picked up by Seven. — Defamer

Race and ethnicity: When to include in stories? Identifying subjects in stories presents a continual challenge for journalists. Do we describe subjects the way we see them? Do we describe them the way they want to be described? Do we describe them the way our audience wants them described? It’s easier to ask these questions than to provide answers to them. As journalists, we want to be accurate in the way we describe someone. But accuracy takes us to just the first level. It helps us to seek out facts, but not necessarily context. — Poynter