The Crikey Pet Register goes from strength to strength.

Today’s pet register update includes Sue Boyce and her well meaning Basset Hound, Hero. Hooray! Also, a delightful snap of the inestimable Barnaby Joyce and his beloved family pet Misty who looks rather fierce. Anna Chisolm is fortunate enough to share her home with Pippi a most handsome beagle (see below), however the award for the most dogs so far goes to Kezia Purick. Kezia is a state pollie and so is only an honorary member, but just have a look at the back of her friend’s ute. I am certain that each one of those dogs has its own safety harness and is strapped in carefully prior to being driven anywhere as is common practise in Rural and Regional Australia. Kezia has also thrown out the challenge to any non-sooky “Southern” dogs — so if you share your time between Parliament and a pitbull, let us know.

The free publicity is mind boggling. And now that parliament is over for the year, all your staffers will have nothing to do so get them on to it.

Get your fill of Parliamentary Pet Action right here (It’s now been full updated).

Parliamentarians with pets:

Sue Boyce, Senator for Queensland (Lib), writes: Hero, a now elderly basset hound. He means to be heroic, but that requires staying awake and moving, not his favourite activities.

Barnaby Joyce, Senator for Queensland (LNP): The office for the Senator for Queensland informs Crikey that Joyce has a dog called Misty. 

Anna Burke, the Member for Chisholm (ALP): According to the Member for Chisholm’s office, Burke has a puppy named Pippi. Pippi is a beagle that Anna and her family picked up from the RSPCA two years ago. Pippi is a pat-a-holic with an acute ability to sniff-out just about anything (and subsequently eat just about anything). 

Kezia Purick, the Member for Goyder in the NT Legislative Assembly, writes: My friend subscribes to Crikey and sends me items of interest like the one about pollies and their pets. Now I know the piece is about Federal pollies, but I thought you might like to have a photo of REAL dogs not those sooky down south dogs shown in the article…

Here is my friend’s ute with dogs left to right:


Vinni (strip joint dog), Dagger (buckskin American Pit Terrier), Zorro (creme American Pit Terrier), Muskett (baby American Staffy Terrier)


Russi Australian Cattle Dog and Mango Australian Cattle Dog

The two pit bulls are mine and the little American Staffy too. The scruffy black thing and the heelers are my friends. I have another lovely big brown dog we call a Darwin Brown but he must have been slacking off somewhere — he is miles taller than them all — about the size of a ridgeback!

And yes, that is an election poster on the tray from the recent NT Elections. Now, these are REAL dogs!

Parliamentarians without pets:

Nick Xenophon, Senator for South Australia (Ind): According to the South Australian Senator’s office, Xenophon doesn’t own a pet.

So far less than three percent of our Federal Parliamentarians have responded. What are they hiding? Why are they ashamed of their animals? As soon as we find out, we will let you know. Do you know a polly? Send them an email and tell them to get in touch.

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