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Dec 1, 2008

Educators can learn nothing from Chancellor Klein’s visit

I seriously question New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein's visit to Australia at the invitation of the government, writes Gary S Stager.

As an American teacher educator and consultant I have enjoyed the great privilege of working with dozens of Australian schools and thousands of teachers over the past 18 years. My work has taken me from the most-troubled to the most affluent schools across your nation. The world is indebted to Australian educators for their innovations in primary education, literacy development and 1-to-1 computing.

Therefore, it is from a position of expertise and vast experience that I question November’s tour of Australia by New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein. Had Deputy Prime Minister Gillard not invited Chancellor Klein to “share his reform experience,” I might have suggested he visit Australia to learn a thing or two about education. His seven years in New York City have failed to demonstrate even a rudimentary understanding of teaching, learning or leadership. There is not a sliver of difference between Chancellor Klein’s education policies and those of George W Bush. In fact, you might call Klein, the “Donald Rumsfeld of education”.

Mr Klein is not the first ideologue with no education qualifications and simplistic get-tough theories to be put in charge of a large American school district. He may just be the worst. Upon being named Schools Chancellor by the billionaire mayor of NY, Michael Bloomberg, the duo’s first order of business was to suspend democracy and eliminate elected school boards, as well as parental involvement across the city. Now accountable to nobody, but his mayoral benefactor, Klein changed the district’s organisational structure so many times that chaos ensued. Klein spent millions on public relations, British examiners and smearing critics while cutting services to students. Class sizes are up. Morale is down.

Anyone with access to Google could easily learn that Klein’s claims of miraculous test score increases have been discredited by experts across the political spectrum. This is particularly tragic since under his leadership, NY City schools have been turned into Dickensian sweatshops where frightened administrators browbeat otherwise creative teachers into following scripted curricula in order to increase student test scores. Klein’s heralded school report system with which he seeks to shame schools into increasing test scores have proven invalid as schools nationally recognised for excellence have earned low marks.

Klein takes pride in the retention of students while research demonstrates that holding children back does not lead them to catch-up, but does increase dramatically their probability of dropping out. He unilaterally banned cell phones from schools over the safety objections of parents and then proposed a scheme in which students would be awarded cell phones for improved performance. In some neighbourhoods, corner milk bars charge poor students $3 per day to store their phones on the way to school. He extended the school day by 37 and a half minutes each day and killed off extracurricular activities in the process.

Recently, the New York City Council held its first oversight hearing of the school district in five years. When one Councilman compared Klein’s leadership to Marshall Law that has kept parents severed from the educational process, the combative Chancellor served up a scrumptious Orwellian confection. Klein offered a faux mea culpa and apologised for not acting quickly enough to follow-up on the millions he spent to hire “parent coordinators” in each school and admitted that he had waited too long to create the post of a “chief family engagement officer.” Klein’s administration is full of similarly hilarious job titles.

Klein is considered a tyrant, bully and worse by teachers in his schools who indicated that 82% believed he had little confidence in his teachers’ expertise while 85% believed that the emphasis on standardised testing has failed to improve schools. His tenure has been marked by a constant attack on tenure, teacher rights and unionisation. Klein has not resisted an opportunity to engage in union busting, intimidation or teacher bashing.

Klein may be remembered for the sordid period of the “rubber rooms.” I am the last person to defend incompetence or malfeasance on the part of teachers. Any teacher accused of crimes or infractions should be removed from the classroom and be afforded due process in a swift and deliberate fashion. Despite his prosecutorial experience Klein has failed to remove “bad teachers” from the system while violating the civil liberties of countless others who may be wrongly accused.

Run afoul of Klein or his enforcers and you may find yourself with the more than 700 teachers assigned to what are known as “rubber rooms” across the city. Rather than engage in the process of firing accused teachers or putting them on leave, Klein prefers to humiliate and punish them before any guilt has been proven. These 700+ teachers must report to a “teacher reassignment center” where they stare at a clock all day, five days a week. If this were not sufficiently Kafkaesque, Klein employs psychologists who use dubious assessments to determine fitness to teach. It doesn’t matter that the 7th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals deemed such quackery illegal, get a memo to visit the good doctor and your next stop is the “rubber room”. A veteran educator named “Teacher of the Year” by Mayor Giuliani has spent close to five years in a “rubber room”.

Why is a foreign bank, UBS, sponsoring his visit, especially during a time of global financial collapse? Surely there are ethical concerns in both the United States and Australia regarding such a gratuity to a public official.

How expensive could this trip be? A Qantas Boomerang Pass costs approximately $2,000 and would allow Klein to visit several cities. Then he could stay in the homes of educators like so many Americans who visit Australian schools. Better yet, he could spend some his personal walth on a proper Aussie holiday, one that won’t destroy the educational future of Australian children.

Gary S. Stager, PhD is an educational consultant, journalist and Visiting Professor of Education at Pepperdine University. He earned his PhD from The University of Melbourne. The views expressed in this letter are his own.

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10 thoughts on “Educators can learn nothing from Chancellor Klein’s visit

  1. Mark Duffett

    “one Councilman compared Klein’s leadership to Marshall Law”

    I hope the author meant to put a ‘(sic)’ in there. You really don’t want to be dropping howlers like that as an ‘educational consultant’.

  2. Tom McLoughlin

    There’s an extensive entry on Pepperdine Uni on wikipedia here

    in Malibu California. Looks a bit like Bondi Uni here. It’s got a few conservative alumni in there, not my preferred reading material, which adds weight to the cred above rather than the other way round.

    Anyway if half of what this guy says is right then Julia Gillard needs more than a new hairstyle. She should resign her education ministry as suggested by Christopher Pyne in Parliament today for being over stretched, over hyped and bringing Klein over here!

    What a honking goose she looks on this guy. Shows the same judgment as Michael OConner.

  3. Kate

    Wow, the teacher Unions and their mates hate this Klein bloke! Take note, Federal Opposition – nothing to worry about re Julia’s IR implementation here.

  4. Andrew Dunne

    My thanks to Gary Stager and Crikey for the piece on Joel Klein’s visit to Australia. Sections of the Australian medi have been falling over themselves to promote Klein as the new messiah for Australia’s (supposed) educational ills. Thanks to OZ editor Chris Mitchell’s unhealthy fixation with how poor our education system is (which is not backed up by the facts), we have to wade through article after article of dross in what is supposed to be the country’s leading bastion of quality journalism. This is a campaign he started as editor of The Courier Mail and he continues flogging that deceased horse with all his might. Like his paper’s record as leading climate change deniers, this mistaken crusade on education does more hamr than good. Stager’s piece demonstrates the glaring problems of an American approach to education, a country that has never been held in high regard for their schooling system. This article once again affirms why I subscribe to Crikey: to read a considered and informative approach to the news of the day and not vitriol inspired by a bizarre need to invent culture wars.

  5. Bernard Keane

    Pepperdine University? WTF?

  6. David

    Very scary stuff. Even if only 10% is totally accurate, what the hell is Gillard doing bringing this jerk to Oz and touting him as the saviour? She has left Roxon for dead in the “appointments” stakes and needs to put Klein to work with her advisors.

  7. Julie

    The never ending attacks on education without giving credit for the many good things that are happening is an ongoing process. I don’t understand why we are listening to someone who likes to shut schools down rather than address the issues which is that schools have to deal with the children who walk through their doors. The children who are failing are those who would be in the schools that closed and new schools would open in the same place. What a waste that would be as why would teachers commit to schools with no future?

    The scariest thing is Mike Rann who is the national president of Labor recently stated that teachers should worry about their classrooms, principals about their schools and let the Minister of Education run management. The problem with that is that the Ministers rely on bureaucrats who have no idea of what it is like to be in a classroom and deal with that dynamic. Such Ministers who listen to a fellow like Klein who knows all about testing and cost cutting but nothing about education. I am still getting over the plain English report cards which contain nothing of value as far as I am concerned as all personality has been wiped out of them.

    It appears that the damage to the education sector by the Howard government will be continued under this one because those making the decisions never have to actually live with the results.

  8. arty

    If our education system (including Queenland’s) is so superior and is producing Australians with the knowledge and ability to assess the worthlessness of Joe’s education model, we having nothing to fear.

    Our professional teachers would not want to exchange ideas with anyone else if they having nothing to learn.

  9. Brian Cambourne

    At last a view that gives a quite different picture of Mr Klein than that being promulgated by the Oz’s stable of right-wing commentators.
    Makes one wonder who Gillard’s education advisors/ minders are. Whomsoever they turn out I”ll bet they’ve not spent much time in t primary classrooms in Australia.

  10. janet

    Clearly the aim is to reduce the education budget by reducing teachers salaries. The vehicle is teacher bashing. In Victoria emergency teachers are paid $216 a day. In 1996 it was $200 per day. In comparison Newstart Allowance in 1996 was $150 now it is $251 per week. Why is this important – emergency teachers rely on Newstart Allowance to top up their income in holidays and terms 1 and 3. About 10% of classes in Victoria are fronted by emergency teachers each day.
    Teachers have to demonstrate fitness to teach every 5 years and always have a valid Criminal Record Check. What sort of assurances do we have over the fitness of our politicians? or our company directors?