There is frisson of pet flavoured excitement running up the spine of Parliamentary Triangle! The Crikey Political Pet Register has the democratic denizens of the ACT agog and a dog with the knowledge that we will soon know everything there is to know about our pollies and their beloved pets. Some will mock, some will deride and some will crack open a can of Turkey Seafood Surprise and feed it to Pooklet.

Our latest contributors include the man with the nameless ducks, Peter Dutton and the front runner for the Pet Register’s Inaugural Golden Walkies Photo Award, the Member for Denison who can be seen below snuggling up to the soundly sleeping Butch. How cute! And the dog too. LOL!

Sorry to hear about Louise Markus, but in Australia’s proud democratic tradition, while we might believe you are missing out, we will fight for your right to not have to pick up dog poo in the park or have your furniture ruined.

Get your fill of Parliamentary Pet Action right here.

Parliamentarians with pets:

Peter Dutton, the Member for Dickson (Lib), writes: My wife, children and I have the following pets: a black Labrador named Gareth, a blue Cattle Dog named Gavin. We have two calves; one named Puppy and the other Georgie (name input by our three and six year olds). We also have two chooks, one rooster, two geese and three ducks — no names.

Duncan Kerr, the Member for Denison (ALP), writes: These are my “step-doggies”; Butch and Wishbone. We have something of a strained relationship. They seem to think I come between them and Anna who spoils them rotten, but as you see from the picture below we do get on well some of the time.

Parliamentarians without pets:

Louise Markus, the Member for Greenway (Lib): The office of the Honourable Member for Greenway has informed the Crikey Pet Register that she does not have any pets at all.

So far less than three percent of our Federal Parliamentarians have responded. What are they hiding? Why are they ashamed of their animals? As soon as we find out, we will let you know. Do you know a polly? Send them an email and tell them to get in touch.

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