Hot on the heels of the Liberal Party’s… Interesting to note that the Liberal Party has registered was registered on 27 August 2008 by the Canberra office of the Liberal Party of Australia.

This was overheard on the escalators of the Qantas Club in Sydney yesterday: Q) Where are you going? A) I’m off to Adelaide to re-sign Bruce McAvaney on a two-year contract (PAUSE) I thought I’d go personally. If it all goes to plan he’ll be at Nine by the end of the year.

The Age‘s shorthand trainer, Jacqui, referred to in yesterday’s edition, was not made redundant. She took a package because she would have been left nothing to do next year because there will be no trainee intake. She will be sorely missed because not only did she teach teeline shorthand for several years but was a support to the trainees in their times of need and was on several committees within the industry. Jacqui was also editorial trainer and organised several courses for The Age’s staff. A big loss.

Fairfax Business Media has been busy in New Zealand. On Nov 5, it was announced that Unlimited, a business publication had been acquired. Unlimited was part of the IDG stable of publications, but as it was losing money, Fairfax didn’t buy the title together with Computerworld, PC World, CIO, and Reseller News two years ago. Instead, IDG manager Julie Gill bought Unlimited and youth title Actv8, and started up Infego Communications.

Now Gill is moving over to the Fairfax Business Media fold, overseeing the synergies between the above titles and NZ’s equivalent to the AFR, the Independent Financial Review. As part of the process, 14 out of 35 staff at Fairfax Business Media got the chop. Highest profile victim was Fairfax BM country manager Patricia Watson, who was told to clear out the day the deal was announced. The rest of the staff had to wait until Thursday last week to know their fates… one by one.

An HR person from Fairfax Australia flew over and operated two offices: in one you got the new contract of employment and in the other… the chop. In total, four editorial were sent packing on Thursday, with staff from sales, events, production and even the receptionist following them.