The Winners: Packed To The Rafters averaged 1.824 million people, Seven News averaged 1.523 million and Find My Family for an hour from 7.30pm averaged 1.519 million. Today Tonight averaged 1.391 million for 4th spot and Ten’s NCIS was 5th with 1.350 million people. All Saints at 9.30pm finished with 1.307 million and Home and Away won 7pm with 1.221 million. Nine’s repeat of Two and a Half Men averaged 1.194 million. Nine News averaged 1.059 million at 6pm and the 7pm ABC News averaged 1.055 million. A Current Affair was next in 11th and last spot again with 1.023 million people.

The Losers: Rush on Ten at 9.30pm: 846,000. That’s OK for Ten, the program itself was again a bit ordinary. But it has survived. 20 to 1 on Nine at 9.30pm, 889,000. OK for a repeat, but what about the viewers. Don’t they deserve better? Two and a Half Men from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, 881,000 and 910,000 respectively. From 7.30pm onwards Nine didn’t have a program above a million viewers. Ten’s NCIS was a strong second at 8.30pm. Nine was third for the hour.

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally and in every market as did Today Tonight. The 7pm ABC News had more viewers in Sydney, 295,000, than Nine News, 275,000. The 7.30 Report beat ACA in Sydney in terms of viewers. Ten News averaged 816,000. The late News/Sports Tonight averaged 245,000. The 7.30 Report averaged 899,000, Lateline, 264,000, Lateline Business, 144,000. SBS News at 6.30 pm, 125,000, the 9.30pm SBS News, 167,000. 7am Sunrise on Seven, 380,000. 7am Today on Nine, 307,000.

The Stats: Seven won All People 6pm to midnight, 18 to 49s and 25 to 54s. It had a share of 36.7% (37.2%) from Nine with 24.2% (23.7%), Ten with 21.7% (21.3%), the ABC with 13.9% (14.8%) and SBS with 3.4% (3.0%). Seven won all five metro markets and leads the week 30.7% to 25.8% for Nine. Prime/7Qld won last night in regional areas with 38.5%, with Southern Cross (Ten) on 22.1%, WIN/NBN on 20.6%, the ABC with 14.3% and SBS with 4.5%. Packed To the Rafters was watched by more than 800,000 viewers in regional areas, making a national total of close to 2.7 million eople.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: The last Tuesday of official ratings and another big Seven win. Considering that for much of the first four months of ratings this year, Tuesday nights were competitive, with Nine winning or going close more often than not, the turnaround has been amazing.

Nine News and A Current Affair are heading for perhaps their worst week this year. TT, which had been low in Sydney like ACA, perked up and beat ACA by around 90,000 last night. The 7.30 Report had more viewers in Sydney (270,000) than ACA did, which is surely the ultimate in humiliation for Nine or Seven news and current affairs programs. It’s happening every week. Watch for changes at Nine News in Sydney and at the top of ACA for 2009. They are coming.

Tonight: Nine has two episodes of Two and a Half Men then a movie at 8.30pm. That means it’s giving the night to Seven, which has the final Criminal Minds of the year at 8.30pm. The Unit at 9.30pm won’t help though. Air Crash Investigations might at 7.30pm. The News, Today Tonight and Home and Away will be the base for the network tonight. Ten has Futurama, House and Life. No joy there. The ABC has an hour long Grand Final of The New Inventors, which will be a highlight tonight. And The Cook and The Chef ends tonight for the season at 6.30pm , which will be one of the few sorrows for me over summer. Wednesday nights will now be a wasteland.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports

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