Nov 26, 2008

Anti-gay bigots on Roxon’s mens’ health taskforce

Two men with rather peculiar views on men's health issues are part of the government's team of men's health ambassaors, writes Bernard Keane.

Nicola Roxon has appointed a number of men’s health ambassadors to encourage men to speak about their health. Among them is the Governor of Victoria, Professor David de Kretser AO, Governor of Victoria and founder and patron of Andrology Australia, Tim Mathieson, "businessman and men’s health advocate" but actually Julia Gillard’s personal hairstylist, Bill Noonan of the TWU, and Professor John Macdonald of the University of Western Sydney.

Fine gentleman all, although quite what Tim Mathieson has done to warrant the honour is a good question. That may be asked of Roxon this afternoon.

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63 thoughts on “Anti-gay bigots on Roxon’s mens’ health taskforce

  1. Doug

    Good post Phil.
    The homophiles here are just to blinkered to see their own bigotry.
    Their tolerance is virtually non-existant – approve of homosexuality as a healthy normal lifestyle or “you’re a bigot”……charming tolernant viewpoint.
    Dont they welcome diversity of analysis in sexual politics or is it “agree with us or we’ll stick a bad label on you !!!”

  2. nick

    whew… i just read the 23 page thing from the document “21 reasons why gender matters”… you’re right in your description of it, bernard- EVIL. reading it made my skin crawl… the garbage it pushes, with 178 references, chosen from some reputable publications (eg Adele Horin in SHM- reference 51) but many from other like-minded sources, all quoted specifically to back the hateful message that anyone other than a man’s man and a feminine, diminutive woman is sick and shouldn’t be allowed near kids.

    there are quite a number of references (178 in total), but take for example, reference 124:
    Jeffrey Satinover, “The ‘Trojan Couch’: How the Mental Health Associations Misrepresent Science.” NARTH, 2005: < http://www.narth.com/docs/TheTrojanCouchSatinover.pdf

    when you go to that url you find this heading on the webpage:

    NARTH- National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality
    NARTH upholds the rights of individuals with unwanted homosexual attraction to receive effective psychological care, and the right of professionals to offer that care.

    looking through the mission statement for NARTH, and what NARTH will work towards in the future shows this website to be quite homophobic in its intent, yet purporting to be mainstream science in the “work” it undertakes…

    reference 117 quotes a summary of research from http://www.peoplecanchange.com. this website is by “Men who have overcome unwanted same sex attractions supporting others who seek similar change.” it is heavily influenced by “religious” principles and “God’s will”.

    i really think ms roxon needs to read this pdf and get her staff to research the references used in it to get a clearer understanding of just how vilifying it is, and how it could be used to incite hatred and possibly violence against members in society.

  3. arty

    A clear case of ambassadors cure thy selves.

  4. Allan

    What do you expect when party hacks end up in leadership positions ….
    We asked for it!

  5. stevie

    Wow. At time of writing 38 comments. Fantastic! It’s amazing what a bit of gay gagging can do. Let’s shoot for for 100 comments folks. Here we go. Fags, faggot, poo pushers, pillow biters, poofs sex sickos, homos, bum bangers, shit shooters and oh, did I mention crap chasers. Now for the other side: bible bashers, homophobes, cave men and yellow Wiggle haters smarty pants.

  6. Pfhil

    As usual the jokers enter the arena as the frenzy of hate messages intensifies. What started as a group of rather balanced responses to a clearly wrong decision by the government has turned into this circus, and now we have “Ray” coming in to increase the intensity even further. I suggest that the person behind “Ray’s” posting think about the effect his claims have on male homosexuals who do not have health problems, who do not practice high risk sexual behaviour, and have not had indications from “the majority” that they are abhorred. This kind of skulduggery may have seemed a good idea at the time, “Ray”, but you have sunk to a level where good people are vilified and saddened and hurt. The “I don’t mind gay people, BUT” brigade are at least trying to balance their prejudices; the “Rays” of the world are just plain horrible.

  7. steve martin

    ” a “preventable and treatable” illness, representative of immaturity, and associated with psychiatric disorders” – Personally it would be the first time that I have heard of someone like Oscar Wilde being called immature.
    As far as psychiatric illness being associated with homosexuality this is most probably true, and unsurprising, considering the way many homosexuals are treated.

  8. John James

    With proposition 8 being carried in California, a state that supported Obama for the Presidency by an almost 2 to 1 margin and two other similar propositions, which define marriage as that between a man and a woman also being carried, its great to see that the only confusion on the question of ‘Adam and Eve vs Adam and Steve’ exists in the mind of Bernard and Crikey’s usual suspects.
    Homosexuality is a ‘ Perversion’, a misuse of a wonderful gift and a sign of moral decay. As the song goes, “when you dont know how to treat a woman, dont know how to be a man, time to admit what you call defeat.”
    How’s Woof, Bernard?
    Best of luck trying to convince Kevin and Nicola about the normality of homosexuality. I’m not impressed by either, but neither of them is that silly.

  9. Mel

    That is outrageous. They have no right to push their agendas on everybody else. I am heterosexual, but I whole heartedly believe in and respect rights for people from same sex, as they believe in and respect my rights to be heterosexual. These particular people have done nothing but exploit children’s rights, gay rights and mothers rights with their hate speech and propaganda. They gratify perpetrators violence against women and hold no accountability for the consequences of their previous campaigns.

  10. John James # 2

    Marilyn’s comment reminded me of the other sad thing about this debate, which is how the homosexual lobby, with the help of titles like that for this piece in Crikey, conflates criticism of homsexuality with homophobia, by which I mean the idea that if you criticise homosexual practice you must “hate” homosexuals and wish all kinds of evil upon them.
    Like Marilyn, I count amongst my work colleagues and friends, homosexuals. Anyone vaguely responsible for the well being and formation of others, and that would involve just about everyone in some capacity ( parents, spouses, siblings, work colleagues ) realises that there are plenty of occasions in life where you mayl tell someone you believe the conduct they are embarking upon is wrong, and you do so, not because you wish them ill, but precisely because you care for them deeply.
    For a believer like myself, there is the added imperitive of trying to ascertain Gods will and doing it, for oursake, not His.
    As a doctor, I have cared for several patients dying of AIDS. Its too late then! All you can do is help them prepare for death, treat them with alot of affection, and pray! There is often alot of pain in their eyes, and its not of the physical kind.

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