Just to recap: on election night in the US, President-elect Barack Obama promised a puppy to his children, a meagre consolation for the coming handicaps and inconveniences of high office. We asked Crikey readers to suggest names. We received 200-odd (some very odd) thoughts, and the hardest working cartoonist in showbiz, our very own First Dog On The Moon (as opposed to Firstdog of the USA) selected a shortlist.

You then voted for your favorites.

The result: a shameful victory to the dark forces of soft-left punning. You should all be ashamed. That said, we can do nothing to change the inexorable course of history. So, Karl Barx it is.

We know who came up with the idea in the first place, it was Daniel Ashdown, of Adelaide. To you, Daniel a small mound of as-yet unspecified First Dog paraphenalia. Us? We always liked “Ian”. Though First Dog was rather set on Mr Frisky. Never mind.

Our polling information will be forwarded to the Obama transition office. We expect them to feel bound to honour the Crikey verdict. Move over Barney, Hullo Karl Barx.