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STATE OF THE PLANET: Russia embraces global warming, writes Sophie Black. “Applying an admirable glass half full approach to the climate change dilemma, the Russians have decided to look on the bright side of rising sea levels.”

STUFF WE LIKE: Cracklins with beer. Yum.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: The US economy practises in its room:

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ANDREW BARTLETT reflects on last night’s SBS doco which detailed efforts by Phil Glendenning from the Edmund Rice Centre to track what happened to some of the asylum seekers deported by the Australian government earlier this decade: 

Despite my inclination against absolutist statements, I am 100% confident in saying that the standard of ‘assessment’ of many of the asylum claims made by those forcibly sent to Nauru was error riddled and almost certainly tainted by political pressure.

I also have absolutely no doubt that a specific part of the strategy of the former Australian government for dealing with asylum seekers whose claims were rejected was to try to crush their hopes and their spirit so they would agree to be deported, regardless of the risk.

But the question is not about the failures of the past which allowed such dismal and dangerous processes to occur outside the rule of law. In my view that is beyond any reasonable dispute. The question is what happens now? Do we just say “bad luck”, “too bad” or “blame John Howard” even though the laws were only passed due to ALP support and had the support of a majority of the public?

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POLLYTICS: Here’s something belatedly interesting – a Nielsen Online poll using their Your Voice panel from October. Possum explains.

JONATHAN GREEN: Life under the Dems v life under the Republicans. A tres amusing video.

FIRST BLOG ON THE MOON: First Dog reports on rogue eels and the gentoo penguin.

LITERARY MINDED: News from the literary world: “Did you know Text Publishing are bringing out Nick Cave’s second novel (the first in 19 years) late in 2009? It’s called The Death of Bunny Munro. I’m very excited.”

PLANE TALKING: Tiger and ‘free fares’. The numbers look bad, says Ben Sandilands.

THE NORTHERN MYTH: The Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus) — a lesson in indigenous bird hunting and conservation with Bob.

CRIKEY SPORTS: Cricket returns: Aus vs. NZ — Roy, rain and rendition. “Here at Crikey, Summer begins not with the first day of December, but with the first delivery of the First Test at the Gabba. New Zealand, for so long our bullied and tormented little brother, faces an Australian team in transition — and for the first time is potentially vulnerable,” writes Leigh Josey.  

CORPORATE ENGAGEMENT: Monty Python announces YouTube channel (video)

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