Those poor overworked subs at The Age. Only one millionaire left at Macquarie, according to the apostrophe: Macquarie profit slumps 43% DANNY JOHN 11:09am | Whopping downturn for ‘millionaire’s factory’. | Malcolm Maiden |

The Australian confuses Somali pirates story for James Bond film.

19 ships from a few countries… perhaps not the WHOLE world.

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Google makes Life magazine photo archives available to the public. One of the biggest photo collections in the world that ranges from the 1750s through to the seminal moments of the 20th century and on into the present day was made available to the public online from today. Google announced today it had done a deal with Life to put their pictures online. Also available is work from other archives, much of it collected by the former Time publisher, Henry Luce. — The Guardian

Mapping the media meltdown in the states. Check out this cool map that Blog site Paper Cuts have made showing the number of media jobs lost this year in the USA:

Getch’r tickets to Sean Hannity’s concert series! FOR AMERICA. Hmm. It appears as though this is happening next summer. Should we see Sean Hannity’s Bill Ray Cyrus brood over an extended version of “Achy Breaky Heart,” or shall we instead go with Sean Hannity’s Oliver North, who will… sell weapons to us? In musical form? What? — Wonkette

National Geographic gets into games. National Geographic is getting into the video game business. Through its for-profit unit National Geographic Ventures, the nonprofit National Geographic Society has created National Geographic Games. The division’s first game, Herod’s Lost Tomb, was developed in-house and is a free download for PC, Mac and the iPhone. After that, NGG is coming out with games for Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and handheld devices. — Adweek

Paul McCartney announces unreleased Beatles Track. Paul McCartney has confirmed to BBC Radio 4 the existence of a “mythical” 14-minute-long unreleased Beatles track, and says the song will see the light of day. The track, called Carnival of Light, commissioned for an electronic music festival, was recorded during the Penny Lane sessions in 1967, and was apparently only played once, at the festival itself. — Mother Jones

Some waterslides are more fun than others. With a Barclaycard, you zip through life with ease. There you are at the library, picking up some DVDs—then suddenly you’re at the supermarket, snagging a banana. But jetting around on a waterslide isn’t that easy — you never know where you’ll end up. Viciously brandjacked in a month — that’s what you get for sending a gawky British actor around Rio in a tube. Check out the ad and counterad here. — AdFreak