MacBank is quietly shedding jobs across its divisions. Last week, the property finance area was heavily culled with many long term Macbankers given their marching orders. Word is more to come…

If Telstra is closing down the BigPond division, why are they currently hiring 150 new people for the BigPond call centre?

Here’s a tip about unions behaving badly: A few weeks ago, long-time official of the NSW Branch of the Transport Workers Union was asked to step inside TWU boss Tony Sheldon’s office. The man was given a no-notice redundancy and told then and there to clear his desk. The sacked official, in his early 60s, went home with his payout check and did the math. He was underpaid around $40,000. When he enquired about the mistake he was told to bugger off. He then asked the TWU lawyers, Maurice Blackburn, to assist him, after all, he was a paid up member of the union. They told him that they couldn’t help or wouldn’t help. He enlisted his own counsel for advice. The matter is soon to be heard in the NSW IRC. The man is the 26th TWU official to be sacked or paid to go in less than three years.

ABC 702 must really love the Advanced Medical Institute — the company whose “Want Longer Lasting S-x?” billboards attracted the wrath of the Advertising Standards Bureau awhile ago. Three consecutive programs yesterday — Adam Spencer, Deb Cameron and James Valentine — all ran similar segments on the company’s new “B-nk Longer” campaign. Cameron in particular was offended by the “four letter word” that’s been plastered up — as in B-O-N-K! Did someone say moral panic?