It’s not been a good month for Malcolm Turnbull, the polls tell us. The ALP retains a more than comfortable lead and the Prime Minister’s preferred Prime Minister rating has soared to the sort of levels he enjoyed early this year. 62-22, says Newspoll. 64-26 says AC Nielsen. 62.5-24 says Morgan.

Kevin’s having a good financial crisis so far. And despite the body language experts emerging to tell us how frosty the Rudd-Bush relationship is, the G20 summit will add further sheen to his carefully-cultivated image of International Playa.

That might explain why Turnbull has booked a National Press Club address next Monday. Turnbull is at his charming best in the convivial surrounds of the Press Club, and this time he won’t be confined by the role of shadow Treasurer. His troops will need a boost given they’re entering the last sitting fortnight of the year with the Government miles in front.

Put a fork in them, the election is almost done.

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But you get the sense Turnbull also gets worried whenever he’s out of the headlines for any length of time. In politics, sometimes a low profile can be useful. Sometimes it’s best to let attention focus on your opponents. But Turnbull may not have worked that out yet.


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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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