A job ad — Public Relations Officer — Health Industry — now running on a leading online recruitment site: 

Our client represents and supports General Practitioners … As Public Relations Officer, you will work with the Marketing and Communications Officer to develop and implement promotion and public relations campaigns to raise the profile of the organisation, both within the local community and more broadly within the primary health care sector. You’ll develop a key strategy in managing the media, controlling what ends up on the front pages of the paper, and what doesn’t. You will also take a leadership role in elevating the standards and practices of all written materials across the organisation — using your creativity to raise the level of writing standards for the organisation.

This is a role where you will both work on projects and work with other professionals to support theirs. This organisation is all about output, in a positive and supportive environment. You will have fun here. Ideally, we are seeking health industry experience, combined with qualifications in public relations/marketing. Experience with the media is manditory. If this sounds like you, send in your CV and cover letter highlighting your relevant experience. The role is available now. 

It must do wonders for the self-esteem of the public relations professionals that they can come out and say it now: that their job is all about “managing the media, controlling what ends up on the front pages of the paper, and what doesn’t”. For too long PR people have danced around the issue, weaselling on about “facilitation” and “information flow”. We all know that manipulation has been the main game all along. And now they feel confident to say it. To come out, as it were. Well done. And it’s spelt mandatory, by the way.

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