Perhaps Premier Rees, in his efforts to cut spending of non-essential services within NSW Health should first discourage senior health executives from the Greater Western Area Health Service from allegedly chartering private planes (and requiring them to remain on tarmac stand-by for hours on end). Regional Air Express (REX) serve the Broken Hill-Dubbo-Sydney route well enough for everyone else to successfully conduct business affairs there. Certainly such extravagant use of taxpayers money is uncalled for. Many people use a new fangled thing called teleconferencing everyday to avoid the risk of missing scheduled flights. Perhaps this should be more widely encouraged within GWAHS.

You can buy the plane that David Hicks flew home in if you have 40 million us dollars.

On Friday Channel Seven’s Better Homes and Gardens built an Indiana Jones themed play area for the kids from Stewart House. Except those kids were not considered good for TV, so they used other kids instead from the local suburbs. Reminds me of the less attractive singer missing out of the Beijing Olympics role.

The management of the SMH have further proven that they don’t know anything about what’s going on at their own newspaper as they have — after stringing everyone along for months — decided to cancel the cadetships for next year. Never mind the fact that the EBA guarantees that cadets will be taken. Never mind that staff are so busy that they are only just keeping up with the work they have. Never mind the fact that the cadetships are one of the only things Fairfax gives back to the industry (particularly after pulling support for the Walkleys).

What happened to AEU the property trust that owns all the assets of ABC learning? When I first read an ABC learning brochure I thought they were talking about an Education Union. I read they have sold some of the Property trust off last year but not much has been heard of it since.

Rio Tinto and BHP are in meetings in London regarding the sale of some divisions to each other. I know of the aluminum division of Rio being discussed to be sold to Bhp. If you try and get in touch with the head of the Bunbry Division of BHP you will find that he happens to be in London.

Local election watch. One of the people standing for Mt Waverley ward — Jacinta D’Souza , is encouraging people to contact her to find out more. Not sure that the department of Human Services will be that chuffed that she is using their email address ( jacinta.d’[email protected]) to run her campaign.

Peter Fray

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