The Winners: Dancing With The Stars finished last night with its second win in a row with 1.453 million people. 60 Minutes was a solid second with 1.401 million. 20 to 1 did well for Nine at 6.30pm with 1.325 million, Seven News was 4th with 1.262 million and Nine News was 5th with 1.147 million. Australian Idol averaged 1.122 million and Seven’s 7pm repeat of Kath & Kim averaged 1.061 million. Jamie Durie’s The Outdoor Room averaged 1.028 million at 6.30pm and that was the end of the million audience club for the night. Rove averaged 968,000, Ten’s 9.40pm repeat of NCIS averaged 816,000.

The Losers: Californication, 534,000 for Ten at 10.40pm. Ten is pushing it back further into Sunday night. Thank God You’re Here at 6.30pm on Ten, a repeat and it deserved the 677,000 it got last night. Seven’s tired movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral, to fill the hole after Dancing With The Stars concluded from around 10pm: 568,000. Rugby League World Cup Australia vs. PNG from 8.30pm on Nine, 538,000.

News & CA: Seven News won nationally and in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Nine won Sydney and Adelaide. The 7pm ABC News averaged 950,000. Ten News averaged 783,000. SBS News at 6.30pm, 163,000. In the morning, Weekend Sunrise, 406,000 from 8am. Landline at Noon on the ABC, 278,000, Insiders on the ABC at 9am, 216,000, Weekend Sunrise Early from 7.30am, 210,000. Sunday Morning News at 8am on Nine up to 158,000. Inside Business on the ABC at 10am, 149,000. Offsiders on the ABC at 10.30 am, 112,000 (and a collection of technical problems that should have sent host Barrie Cassidy mad, but didn’t). Meet the Press on Ten at 8am, 68,000.

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The Stats: Seven won 6pm to midnight All People with 31.1% (29.4%), from Nine with 27.0% (28.8%), Ten with 21.5% (22.7%), the ABC with 15.7% (unchanged) and SBS with 4.7% (4.2%). Seven won Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Dancing With The Stars wasn’t hot in Adelaide where Nine won the night — was lukewarm in Brisbane as well. In regional areas Dancing With The Stars was hot with Prime/7Qld averaging 30.3%, WIN/NBN for Nine, 25.4%, Southern Cross (Ten), 22.0%, the ABC with 17.2% and SBS with 5.1%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: The Seven Network is coasting towards the end of the year. Dancing With The Stars ended last night with a solid win and top spot in the most watched list. Over the next two Sundays it will run a collection of odds and sods to stay in the hunt. Nine will have the semi-final involving Australia in the Rugby League World Cup and then the final the following Sunday and that will be it for the year basically.

Ten will try and keep up appearances, but it just wants to end what has been a miserable final few months of the year. It showed off its 2009 schedule this morning, but the oddest announcement was the signing of exclusive rights for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. We could be all gone, buried or whatever by then; it’s of no consequence to Ten’s current predicament: too few viewers and not enough product attract and hold viewers in the target 16 to 39 and 18 to 49 age groups.

Tonight: Top Gear on SBS, City Homicide, Bones on Seven, Domestic Blitz at 7.30pm and then CSI on Nine. Australian Idol and Good News Week on Ten. Australian Story, Four Corners and Media Watch on the ABC (it’s goodbye to them for the year tonight).

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports


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