For those who work in Excel, we salute you. AC/DC has released its latest video, for “Rock ‘N Roll Train,” in glorious low-res ASCII style. That’s right, a version of the video has been whipped up in ASCII type using Microsoft Excel macros, creating the world’s first music video in Excel format. Get it on your computer here. — Adfreak

Stephen Colbert wins comic presidency over Obama. Television host Stephen Colbert has become the American President in the Marvel Universe, beating John McCain and Barack Obama, with the cover of ‘The Daily Bugle’ declaring his victory. Colbert has been encouraging the Marvel Universe to vote prior to the US election by “handing out buttons of various costumed individuals – including Spider-Man and Iron Man – who encourage electors to ‘Be a Hero, Vote!’” — The Celebrity Truth

Why no byline for photographers who took iconic Barack Obama pictures? Far and away the best, most iconic, images of Barack Obama’s post-election rally in Chicago were those of him kissing his wife, Michelle. In some, their lips meet as they clasp each other in a tight embrace. In others, they are caught in a clinch, simply holding each other, face to face. But where was the byline for the photographer? What was his or her name? — Greenslade @ The Guardian

Michelle Obama to Vogue? Could we see Michelle Obama on the cover of Vogue soon after the inauguration of her husband, President-elect Barack Obama? The next first lady appeared on a slew of magazine covers as the presidential race entered its last months. But Vogue has been campaigning for a Michelle Obama cover since last September — both in print and in person. — WWD Media

Dump your date, thanks to iPhone. We love technology but iPhone has taken that love to an entirely new level. The latest, greatest app for the phone is called Fake Calls and guarantees your graceful exit from a bad date or boring business meeting. — Radar

How to kill time on the web now that the election’s over. The election’s over, and you’re bored. You’re not really elated that your guy won or dismayed that he got crushed—really, you just wish you knew what to do with yourself. Over the last few months, you’ve spent hours each day poring over polls and reading every pundit. Now all that is done, and the Web seems so … empty. Politico is full of stories about the transition team and RealClearPolitics is focused on 2012, but it’s just not the same. I’m here to help because I’m pretty much in the same boat. Now that the election’s over, I’ve got several spare hours a day. What’ll I do? Here are some ideas. — Slate